A Prayer for Resolving Coworker Conflicts
Dear Lord,

I bring before you today these challenging circumstances that have arisen at work. I pray that you would soften my heart and the hearts of my coworkers. I pray that you bring peace to us in the midst of conflict and chaos, and that you would be near to each of us. I know that you are a loving and gracious God, and I pray that you would help me to be more loving and gracious toward my coworkers today. May I find humility in you, and may I be the first to forgive, to make amends, and to move forward in a healthy way. You have placed me in this job, among these people, and I pray that I would glorify you through all of my actions and conversations here. Help me to see others the way you see them, and give me an extra measure of grace and patience today.

In your name I pray,