Bless Us with Favor
We praise You for this day, and Your purpose for it. Lord, you guide us always. You surround the righteous with Your favor as a shield. Lord, this day we pray You would shield us from sickness, isolation, anxiety, attack, and calamity. Bless our lives with Your favor, God. We want to experience Your joy, that which isn’t circumstantial. Joy that leads us faithfully through pain and marches alongside us in triumph.

Search our hearts, God, and renew a right spirit in us. We pray for Your favor to reign down on our lives, our relationships and friendships, and spread like wildfire to everyone You have placed in our lives, from our spouses to our co-works, church family and those we pass in the grocery store aisles.
Lord, we know even when we cannot see or feel Your blessings, You surround us with them. When we seek You, we will find You. Flip our perspective - allow us to feel the rhythm of Your movement in our lives and flowing through our hearts. In Jesus' Name, Amen.