When You’re Afraid
welcome to today's encouragement from our daily bread I reading titled when you are afraid was written by Karen Wong
 I had a medical check-up scheduled and although I'd had no recent health concerns I dreaded the visit I was haunted by memories of an unexpected diagnosis long ago
 well I knew God was with me and I should simply trust him I still felt afraid
 I was disappointed in my fear and lack of faith in God was always with me why was I feeling such anxiety
 then one morning I believe he led me to the story of Gideon in the Book of Judges
 called mighty warrior Gideon was fearful over his assignment to attack the midianites although God had promised him his presents and victory Gideon still sought multiple reassurances
 however God didn't condemn get in for his fear he understood him
 on the night of the attack he is sure Gideon again a victory even giving him a way to assuage his fears
 got understood my fear to his reassurance gave me the courage to trust him
 I experienced his peace knowing that he was with me regardless of the outcome in the end my checkup was uneventful
 we have a God who understands our fears and who reassures us through the scriptures and the spirit may we worship Him and thankfulness just as Gideon tent
 today's our daily bread devotional scripture reading is from Judges chapter 7 verses 8 through 15
 so get into the rest of the Israelites home but kept the 300 who took over the provisions and trumpets of the others
 tell the camp of Midian lay below him in the valley during that night the Lord said to get in get up go down against the camp because I am going to get it into your hands if you are afraid to attack go down to the camp with your servant Pura and listen to what they are say afterward you will be encouraged to attack the camp so he improved his serve it went down to the Outpost of the camp the midianites the amalekites and all the other Eastern peoples had settled in the valley thick as locusts there camels could no more be counted than the sand on the seashore
 Gideon arrived just as a man was telling a friend his dream I had a dream he was saying a round loaf of barley bread came tumbling into the midianites it struck the tent with such force that the 10th overturned in collapsed his friend responded this can be nothing other than the sword of Gideon son of Joe a the Israelite God is giving the midianites and the whole cap into his hands
 when getting her the dream and its interpretation he bowed down and worshipped he returned to the camp of Israel is called out yet up the Lord has given the midianite camp into your hands
 let's pray
 dear God thank you for not condemning our fears
 but always reassuring us of your presence helped us to turn to you when we're afraid and to learn to trust in you thank you Lord It's in Jesus name we pray amen
 thanks for listening today my name is Joyce Jenkins and today's encouragement was provided by Our Daily Bread Ministries