God’s Help for Our Future
hi friends we're glad you're here for today's encouragement from our daily bread our reading is titled God's help for our future and it was written by Monica Larose
 two psychologists Meg Jr Minds tend to think about our future selves similarly to how we think about complete strangers why it's probably due to what sometimes called the empathy Gap it can be hard to empathize and care for people we don't know personally even future versions of ourselves so in her work J tries to help young people imagine their future selves and take steps to care for them this includes working out actionable plans for who they will one day be Paving the way for them to pursue their dreams and to continue to thrive in Psalm 90 we're invited to see our lives not just in the present but as a whole to ask God to help us number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom remembering that our time on Earth is limited can remind us of our desperate need to rely on God we need his help to learn how to find satisfaction and joy
 not just now but all our days we need his help to learn to think not just of ourselves but a future generations and we need his help to serve him with the time we've been given as he establishes the work of our hands and hearts
 today's our daily bread devotional scripture reading it's from Psalm 90 verse 12 through 17
 teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom relent Lord how long will it be have compassion on your servants satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love that we may sing for joy and be glad for all our days make us glad for as many days as you have Afflicted us for as many years as we have seen trouble may your Deeds be shown to your servants your Splendor to their children may the favor of the Lord Our God rest on us establish the work of our hands for us yes stablish the work of our hands
let's pray dear God thank you for the gift of Life help us to cherish it with the time you've been given thank you that with our walk with you on Earth is over we can look forward to an eternity of fellowship with you thank you Lord It's in Jesus name we pray amen thanks for listening today my name is Alicia Reisinger and today's encouragement was provided by Our Daily Bread Ministries