An Example Presentation of the Gospel.
walking the real Christianity my name is Dale Partridge for those of you who are new here we have the show notes available for these episodes at relearn. Org our mission a tree learn.org is to bring the church back to the Bible to strengthen the vehicle literacy among Christians today's episode is a little interesting I never months ago had an opportunity to share the gospel
 with someone and right after that was asked to write a paper for the Master's Seminary on a presentation of the gospel and you think I would be a pretty easy task to do for someone like myself who studies scripture and who is a pastor and who has been to Seminary the gospel is one of those things that can be written on a napkin and can also be written in a thousand page book and so we have to ask ourselves out which version or length or Clarity of the Gospel are we going to present in my experience it's usually the three to four page version of The Gospel when you get into a conversation with someone and you have you no 10 to 15 minutes of dialogue and question and answer and
 that was the length of the paper required was about four to six pages and I was just reflecting on the previous opportunity I had to share the gospel and how that presentation went that presentation was with someone who had a basic understanding of Christian values I had gone to church a handful of times throughout their life but was not a Believer was agnostic did not have any theological understanding according to scripture and was genuinely curious about the gospel and I I approached it with
 your theology a Biblical theology Systematic Theology with some philosophy some understanding of of morality between man and God and so I want to show you I want to actually I'm going to read this gospel presentation that I wrote out and that I gave in part to the gentleman in hopes that it will be at a fine for you and understanding what is it really look like to give a 10 to 15 minute presentation of the gospel because again I think the most of our opportunities are conversational with the people that we know in a relationship we have them over for dinner and we want to be able to explain the gospel now this presentation that I read to you is going to be one-sided it's going to be a monologue vs. a dialogue and we know that the gospel is often a dialog but take this example and hopefully learn
 and I'm actually going to create a the text version for the satri learn.org very soon and it has every single scripture reference after each statement that I made so we're going to do that in just a second if I just wanted to know it's one other thing quick quickly is if you're new here and you don't know about our school at Reformation Seminary.com we are a church planting a house church planting the school we are sending out how church planter all over the world and all over our country and we are looking for a faithful men who are called to Ministry whether that be a preaching Pastor or a an elder or even a deacon but wants to be involved in house church planting we are looking for more men to join our program in January
 a 2022 and we have had about 20 guys in our first group in January 2021 we had another 10 11 guys doing for our group in June and we are looking for our next trip we already have I think 5 to 10 gentleman that are signed up for this group now so if you are called please check out Reformation Seminary, or share with a friend about reformation Seminary and we would love to talk to them all right so let's go ahead and dive in to this presentation so I'm going to just read it but I'm going to be also kind of conversational and in recalling exactly how I delivered the gospel to the gentleman
 I said I once heard a man say all humans know we have something to be forgiven for but did not know who to be forgiven by and I believe that's true is that the Bible tells us it's true if you're not aware our culture is becoming increasingly saturated with your self-help books and tools in seminars on how to remove the shame and guilt that many people deal with today we're surrounded by these so-called experts who promised this path to the removal of the shame of your conscience of the guilt of your actions if you just simply follow their guidance or their book or their their seminar their system
 but what is shame and what is the shame that we deal with and short shame is simply the emotional and relational consequences of your sin it's your conscience has reaction to the moral trespasses that you've committed and even though we live in a society that encourages people to be Shameless hardening our conscience against shame and the very real effects of sin is dangerous to your soul
 now guilt on the other hand our focus is more on the judicial result of your sin meaning in the name of Justice you have a responsibility to pay the penalty for the transgressions you've committed and therefore the guilt is really about restitution you've trespassed against another you've been caught you have been found guilty and you must pay the consequences required to restore the debt caused by your actions right that's a basic understanding of guilt when it comes to your sin who are you really sitting against
 yeah when you look upon a person with lust or you lie to your neighbor or you scream at your daughter who are you sitting against I mean surely in one sense you're sinning against the person that you Afflicted but who is it if it declares that lasting and lying and screaming is even sinful man who is the creator of these moral boundaries and who has the power to declare it's not right for you to murder or sleep with another man's wife for to rob a bank who was the ultimate governor of what is right and wrong and ultimately who gets to tell you that you've sinned against their moral law and must pay the consequences
 and I'm going to answer that question that series of questions with a statement of Truth
 you are a creature you are not self-made you didn't decide to be born into this world additionally I am going to say you are Eternal you have a mortal body but an eternal soul
 and therefore the one that has made you God what has a claim upon you his creation and he has a right to declare how you ought to live in other words the maker of the heavens and the Earth is also the maker of you
 and by his grace and by his Mercy he hasn't left you and me in the dark regarding his expectation for our lives
 in the Bible God reveals himself to humanity and he delivers his moral law many of you have heard the Ten Commandments
 but he also declares those who do not keep his law and keep it perfectly are guilty and will suffer the Eternal consequences for their sins against an eternal God now unfortunately the Bible teaches that everyone every single person has sinned and fallen short of God's law and immediately after their physical death will face and judgment before him
 and these consequences are too full first the Bible declares in Romans 6:23 that the wages of sin is death namely that that Those who commit sins will physically die in one second if this reason that all Humanity has died since the creation of our first ancestors Adam and Eve in other words you all have died because all have sinned both an atom's original sin and our own sins
 but God who is infinitely and morally pure has declared that physical death alone is actually not sufficient as a consequence for our transgressions against his holy Eternal law
 navigate because our sins are against an eternal God the Bible says that those who sin against him will suffer Eternal punishment
 if that's in the Bible Jesus explains this place of Justice quite vividly he calls it a place of Torment where there is a unquenchable fire and where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth
 it's a friend I'm telling you you are a sinner and you stand condemned before your maker and you at at this very moment are an enemy of God and you're heading toward the Eternal consequences that you deserve for your Rebellion against him and this should cause every person especially those who have blatantly rebelled against him fear and trembling and this is the bad news this is the bad news
 but there's hope
 okay. In his incomprehensible love has made a way for you to be reconciled to him two thousand years ago he sent his only begotten son Jesus to Earth through the womb of a virgin and born of the spirit of God and this Jesus was God In the Flesh the very image of the invisible God this God man walked on the earth lived a sinless and a perfect life and he came not to be served as king and Creator but to serve the lost and to give his wife actually as a ransom for all of God's children who trust in him
 and this is important and I want to explain why
 in the Old Testament God declares that our sin deserves death but instead of forcing us to die immediately he actually permit a person sends to be covered or atoned for by substituting an animal to die in their place and this is why the book of Hebrews says without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins
 but this this ancient mode of sacrifice was not effective in removing all sins for all time and therefore sacrifices had to be repeated regularly in Austin and what I mean by that is that the blood of animals wasn't capable of yielding the lasting forgiveness and ultimately it was impossible to reconcile mankind back to God
 but this Jesus is Jesus that walked the Earth was given by God as a worthy and perfect sacrifice for all time and this is why he came to Earth to give his life as a sacrifice this is why God permitted him to be persecuted rejected and crucified on a cross
 it was by his death and his blood that God secured the Redemption of all who would Place their faith and trust in his son Jesus
 it is Jesus right who like that animal sacrifices of the past acted as your substitute where he died in your place where he suffered the wrath of God that you deserve and where he paid with his love the consequences of your sins and the requirement of justice for them
 and because the wages of sin
 is death
 but Christ had no sin
 the great news is that Christ could not remain dead
 and after 3 days in the Tomb after his crucifixion God validated the Perfection of Jesus his sacrificial death on the cross and resurrected him from the dead and in this Resurrection Jesus conquered death and sin and proclaimed it all who trust in him will also resurrect from the dead to return alive and Conquer send through him
 have God's desire for you
 is not to perish
 but tutor from your rebellious and self-serving life and and and sinfulness to a Christ serving faithful life in Jesus Christ
 I mean regardless of the heinousness of your sins that you've committed with a shame or the guilt that you carry all of it can be forgiven in a race for all time for anyone who would turn away from their since they're genuine repentance and place all of their Faith and Hope in the righteousness of Jesus and him alone
 in the Bible says that when you place your faith in Jesus Christ that is that you stop trusting in your good works and that they will give you some sort of Merit of for your forgiveness or get you into heaven and recognize that the only perfect work of Christ can secure your salvation
 the scriptures teach that when we put our faith in Christ in Christ alone that God actually imputes or attributes the perfect sinless life of Jesus to us Romans 45 says into the one who does not work but believes in him who justifies the ungodly that is Jesus his faith is counted as righteousness
 in other words when we believe in Jesus the debt of our paths in our currents in our future sin is Forgiven and we reviewed not at ourselves or not as ourselves but as one with Christ in us and as a result were no longer under God's Wrath but under God's mercy and Grace and love forever and ever
 at the Bible sums up this good news in the verse that you guys all know John 3:16 which dates for God so loved the world that he gave his only son that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life
 so if you come to repentance and faith in Christ
 this is great news the Bible says that you've been born again if you do these things that is a God is actually granted you the ability to see the kingdom of God has given you the grace of faith has provided His Holy Spirit Come and dwell within you and these gifts have been secured by Christ's blood and they've been sealed by God Spirit was going to teach you God's word his would have convicted you of any ongoing sit in your life is going to sustain your face until you die is going to discipline you in love and is going to support you in every single prayer that you make
 and therefore if you come to Christ you're going to live a life of sanctification work God by the power of the spirits will make you more like his son Jesus and produce the fruit of the spirit in your life you will be marked by joy and peace and hope and love and that your death your soul will go immediately to be with Christ in heaven but this isn't the end and in the future Jesus is actually promised to return to Earth to rescue his people to bring judgment to Center to the conquer Satan and evil for good and it's here it's at that time that your body will follow Jesus Christ and his resurrection you will be resurrected from the grave never to die again and United with your soul for eternity
 and lastly Jesus says that he's going to restore the Earth
 and they're finally there's going to be no more pain or sorrow or death there be no more tears or depression or shame
 there be no more fear or wounds or worry and all of those who were born of God and trusted in Jesus Christ will be there with Jesus
 I will enjoy his kingdom and glorify God forever and ever amen
 so please friend come to Christ
 repent and turn away from your sins and believe in Jesus and him alone
 so for those of you who are Christians I hope this was an edifying presentation of the Gospel that we hold so dearly that it might help you understand the mechanics of the promises of scripture that we have in Jesus Christ and for those who have not come to Christ
 My Hope Is that you repent and believe in Jesus Christ alone for those of you who are a regular listener to this podcast we thank you it is your continued loyal listenership that furthers our ministry and permits us to continue producing resources for the church the strengthening of the Saints or the work of the ministry and we ask that you would if you have not done so yet leave a review on the podcast you can just have the stars in the podcast app where you can write something and if you do I will absolutely read it after those you've already left reviews thank you so much
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