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welcome to this episode of real Christianity my name is Dale Partridge reach week I offer 15 to 20-minute answers to tough the illogical and pastoral question this is 100% listener supported audio Ministry of relearn. Org and for those who don't know our mission a tree learn.org is to educate and equip ordinary Christians to plant biblical confessional and missional house churches for more information just visit relearn. Org forward slash house welcome to real Christianity my name is Dale Partridge today will be an abnormal show over the past weekend our school Reformation Seminary hosted our first group of 18 of biblical House Church Planters here in Central Oregon we spent three days going over what I called the informed preaching process and the Art and Science of expository studying but after three back-to-back two
 about our days it all culminated in having all of these men join our house church for worship on Sunday morning and I'll tell you guys the sound of nearly 30 men are group plus our actual Church all these men singing hymns like he will hold me fast and Blessed Assurance it really was sincerely a special in a world that is so saturated with passive and checked out husbands and fathers they're just something beautiful about hearing a large group of men boldly praising God and I was able to after this wonderful time of worship I was able and blessed to preach on the assurance that we have in our Salvation as I wrapped up a five-part teaching on 1st John now I say all this because I poured myself out
 these past several days and even the weeks prior in my preparation and unfortunately I wasn't able to set aside adequate time for study this week for this episode that said today in America is the inauguration of the next president of the United States now for many people including Christians it has caused worry and anxiety regarding an uncertain future on issues like religious freedom or protection for The Unborn or the preservation of the traditional family have four others in the church has become a political Idol that's causing fear Obsession and it's stealing precious time away from the Lord their churches their families until I can just leave you with a brief encouragement and Matthew 28:18 it says and Jesus came and said to them all authority in heaven and on Earth has been given to me
 folks there is no activity on this Earth that can occur without the permission of Jesus Christ he is the king of kings and even the winds and the Seas obey him and we can trust that whatever comes to pass on this Earth has come to pass by the permission of Our Lord while we may not understand what he's doing or why he's doing it we can trust him because we know who he is he's the righteous King full of goodness and full of justice and whether it's suffering or Prosperity whether it's peace or pay whether its Joy or judgment we can trust that God will work all things together for good for those who love him
 and we know that his name will be magnified in this world but most importantly I want to remind you of the example that our Lord left us Jesus prayed and Luke 2442 he said those famous words father not my will but your will be done let us train our own Hearts to say these words let us trust Our Father the same way that Jesus trust the father even in the face of trial and tragedy let us say those words father not my will but your will be done
 so church when we make the Lord's will our will we have nothing to fear right for God's will is always good and it will always come to pass so we can find our rest in that I'll leave you with a wonderful quote from Jerry Bridges powerful book called trusting God he says God's plan and his ways of working out his plans are frequently beyond our ability to Fathom and understand we must learn to trust when we don't understand it is just as important to trust God as it is to obey him when we disobey God we defy his authority and despised his holiness
 but when we fail to trust God we doubt his sovereignty and questioned his goodness in both cases we cast Slanders upon his majesty and his character God views our distrust of him as seriously as he views our Disobedience let us seek to accomplish both may God bless you guys this week and I will be back with a regular episode of real Christianity next Wednesday
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