Five Questions with Veronica
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 okay we'll start easy for you how old are you and where did you grow up
 I am 30 years old just turned 30 while I guess just a few months ago and I grew up into the
 good old Rialto California is where I grew up Fontana for like my young childhood than Junior High removed Rialto which is right next door live there pretty much until we got engaged engaged and your grandparents lived next door and you live right next to a free way across the street from a freeway and a lower-income neighborhoods yeah and this is yeah cuz this is like something out for those at like live on a farm and live in the middle of Ohio is like a weird thing to think about like Veronica lives in a Southern California freeway which is like a three-way wasn't there when I was twelve there was no free where there was just a massive field and then they put this massive freeway in there like a few years after I moved I mean. On there and that was just you know there's our street there was one house across the street a little bit of the field and then the I mean you could see the on-ramp an off-ramp from the front porch
 and you have some siblings my brother they're both technically my half-siblings my brother is 8 years older than me and was in Texas and my sister is five-and-a-half almost six years older than me and she lives in La sometimes people wonder if they they make an assumption that you and I were raised in a Christian home that you know we kind of learned all the things that we know about family and marriage with Bible because we were raised in these kind of homes that nurtured that his children so were you raised in a Christian home and how and when did you come to Christ
 okay so I wouldn't answer say I was raised in a Christian home I was raised in a home that
 new Jesus was a man in God I was a great Catholic if anything and I was putting Catholic School from kindergarten through sixth-grade with pockets here and there while I was going to the Catholic School my parents started on Sundays going to a Calvary Chapel for like two of those years or something like that but yeah I wouldn't tell Christian and become a Christian until I was 18 and that's because I was dating this guy in high school and his dad was a senior pastor of a mega church down there in California and I went to go visit the church one Sunday and his dad just preached a really powerful message and holy spirit woke me up and I gave my life to Christ that Sunday I became a Christian in December when I turned 18 2008
 and so yeah you needed to have this model for you as a kid even though I was going to school from kindergarten through sixth-grade my parents we can go to church together like I went to mass with my Catholic school with my class every Wednesday wall during school hours but my family together we never went to church even to the Catholic church together I'd like I said for a short-season on Sundays we're going to a Calvary Chapel down the road and I think there was some seeds planted there for sure I had an uncle that was a pastor to my parents were never like anti-christian. I think that they might say that they would be Christians but there was no fruit I wasn't reading scripture in and walking you guys to family your modeling a Biblical marriage in terms of submission and my parents are the same way I mean it was just kind of classic America
 like we're Christians you know like if there's a God is Jesus
 hey Dale Partridge here I recently heard a disturbing statistic only 11% of Christians have read the entire Bible now we can't wonder why the church is being influenced by the culture more than the culture is being influenced by the church the vast majority of Christians don't know God's word because they've never read it we cannot live out what we do not understand so Veronica and I want to challenge you right now to read the Bible in one year we put together a basic 365-day reading plan that'll take you no longer than 20 minutes per day and you can download it for free at relearn church.org Bible again that's relearn Church. Org forward slash Bible
 this is never a question number 3
 and this is probably a bigger one I remember last year this is someone who actually asked this question I remember last year hearing that both you and Dale were diagnosed with Lyme disease in a few co-infection how is your health now and what has God taught you in the process of healing so I guess I was technically July I was bit by an insect I never saw what it was likely a tick or spiders I felt the bite yes as I I felt the pain I'm going to slap my leg is like I was something just bit me but I never saw it was
 and then within five days I had a bull's-eye rash on my leg which I'm very grateful that I got cuz only 20% of people get the bullseye rash went to the doctor first doctor I saw said you're crazy there's no Lyme disease on the west coast you don't have Lyme disease she almost Veronica almost weird because I've been scratching it so much it's totally fine but God reveals persistence would have no idea so yeah we like I said the first doctor kind of discredited whatever I had to say and we took a photo of it and sent it to our personal general practitioner Doctor Who we've also hang out with a couple of times so we have her cell phone number so you take a picture of it and send it to her
 and immediately she's like yeah that looks like Lyme disease like you might have got bit by tick or something go see this doctor because he's more knowledgeable in that area than I am Suited
 I got tested and for those of you who my answer that test is called it's called the igenex test very expensive but worth it because I gave me all the answers and yeah I came back positive for Lyme disease Bartonella under bzo which are to the kahnfections that came with it having all the symptoms classic lines have been Joy and Pain joint pain migraines a lot of things like that and so tested positive the doctor basically gave me an option he's acting Integrative Medicine doctors so he's very natural and his approach but he gave me the option that you can do antibiotics or you can do herbal antibiotics is the natural protocol you know both of them generally work antibiotics are obviously not as good for you but they can
 knock it out in early we said he caught it early knocks it out right away that's the best thing we have going for you is that you caught it early and then if you go to a route that will likely work to it just takes me longer and because I was so scared and I was already having so many of the symptoms and I'm like I can't live like this with three little kids I chose to go on antibiotics for a while and then eventually you were just like you can't do this anymore I don't want you didn't want me in a box somewhere and I didn't really want to do it either but I'm so like
 just I'm stuck in that routine I don't want to change it it was a 45 months of really heavy different different things that we were trying we're still new at learning Nevada to how about time yeah and then anyway got off
 regular from Super antibiotic switch to earn herbal product protocol I still have what's called her kissing from that and I'm purchasing is basically it's called herxheimer affect their you get worse before they get better when you introduce the new medication herbal whatever it is so I still have that in a moment to flare up here and there this last week was actually a little bit harder on me but generally I'm doing a lot better than I was. For sure there were times where I was in bed for a couple of weeks at a time and and then yeah I was lying it sexually transmitted between didn't know and so Dale has some of the you know we were at the doctor and then Veronica was sitting there the doctor was asked about her symptom checklist would like some of those terrorists are like 80 different symptoms you can be having the whole time they ask you the same questions every time you're in the office and as you're sitting there he's just like typing out your answers ask the next question
 they're keeping a record of things that have changed things that are new Veronica was getting better and then I was actually sitting there at her appointment and I said man I have that
 that's a dumb like and I have. Symptoms and I have that symptom in and he was like you know what you should probably get checked and I got checked in the I came back positive with not as much in the line category I have a small blip on the radar for line but it wasn't my umbrella so I did have came back with positive Hartnell in the visia and I may have had him one of those even before we don't know the but I definitely had him after that and and that was one of those things that yeah I fell very ill for several months to and that was a long road for four days a week straight that you were here
 not letting up a consistent like pain discomfort trials being in bed destroyed both of our immune systems that was a big hit for us as it's getting her body back and she would shoot her elbows hurt so bad in the beginning like she could even lay your elbows on the bed for just the pain on there under joints and headaches that were so bad that she couldn't get out of bed and dizziness and and some other things that came along with it was pretty terrible what has God you're feeling well now. Much better I'm like I said still have flare-ups and stuff I'm not necessarily cured but I caught you in the process
 remain faithful
 and they know this is oxy just off the top of my head I'm sure I'd come up with a much more eloquent answer if I had more time but just remain faithful to reading his word and being involved with them I also learned that like I have nothing without without him and without my health into Steward that well have been doing the best job lately but I want to start getting better at that
 yeah they were literally days or I could not I felt like I couldn't survive without
 being prayer being in his work and I remember changing your perspective on trials that they the Lord you know was accomplishing something in you you you were
 growing learning some of these deeper lessons like contentment that you learn how to be obedient not just in times of he's but in times of
 typical Tammy you still have to be a good mom when you feel terrible and so the difficulty of obedience obedience and I think we got a chance to experience that one deeply when you're not feeling well luckily it was kind of dry God's grace that we would trade off like you feel terrible
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 so I'm okay question before
 did you ever expect to be a pastor's wife
 what has been what has being in Ministry taught you
 no not a silly request to be a pastor's wife I never
 thought that I would be cut out for that type of position what is being a pastor's wife taught me
 it's not me that I need Jesus a lot I've learned to have grease a lot more grease for other people
 I know this is hard when answer on the spot I think about you know just
 a lot of people have expectations on you and you had to feel that you had to help people people back to the Lord or to their husband and you know maybe talk about that you know just in your experience as being a pastor's wife is that get a lot of people expect you to be something
 and you know what what should they be doing said that they can't have a conversation with me about it that's fine but when you're looking to your pastor's wife not just meet us a pastor's wife in general to fill you up to
 to basically be like the main source of your spiritual growth that's not okay and it's not biblical
 so especially if you're married you should be going back to the word about him going back to your husband for all those heavier questions theological questions little question things like that but yeah I haven't been having the extra thousand judgment is in
 realizing that there's a lot of expectations but on me that I didn't realize were there and then also feeling the need to I don't like to let people down and so feeling like I needed to meet all their expectations when in reality I just can't and so it made me focus on like okay what what does the Lord called me to and focus on that you know being a wife and mother and be one of the greatest ways that you can display
 you don't straighten your life and so to focusing in those areas is my most important to it you got to love their husbands and other children had to be keeping the home and that's have the stuff that you have no problem talking to women about but there is this thing in church where it's like if your pastor you automatically assume that the pastor's wife is the woman's Paster
 and that's not a Biblical idea right that's that's something that we added there's in the Bible there's a pastor and the pastor is is the same word for an elder which is someone in 1st Timothy Chapter 3 it's a man and Titus Chapter one talks about it and so this idea that we saw this we learned that a lot of people projected their institutional Church experience with all my pastor's wife is my pastor and I expect her to do these things and then that would come in on Veronica and I think it's wrong I think that's exactly what you would do if that's all you know
 about we try to teach people is like no she would say no I'm not your pastor Dale's your pastor but your husband your First Source you know as a human and then the Lord is your central Source you know
 you reading the book on pastor's wives right now what you thinking about you started it
 what's the title
 something something very general like that yeah I don't remember exactly it's at its by Nancy Wilson Douglas's wife who you've mentioned in the last podcast of one of your current favorite author is by Nancy Wilson who's been a passerby for like 40 years or something like that last question is what are your favorite Christian books on Womanhood wifehood and mothering and I have I put on a couple of down here for you on the notes because I know that these are some butt and may be sure about what your quiet time looks like
 so I'll start with quiet time
mine even sure it was in the last podcast you mentioned kind of your quiet time routine and in that you mentioned you give me an hour or so yeah in the morning generally want to wake up Dale get the kids breakfast and get them settled its empty out the dishwasher get dressed all of their kind of morning duties and so as soon as I get up I say good morning to everybody and then I kind of go hunker down in my closet in my room closet and I have a desk in there that they'll build me and so I've got all my books in the Bible quiet time stuff is in there so I pray and read my Bible and once I'm done with that I will put on some worship music generally hymns while I'm getting dressed and ready for the day to come out and you go upstairs and then I'm going to get the rest of the day when you're when you're reading you know you're also on top of that reading
 usually a book at some point I feel like a lot that was yours I want to spend time with the Lord and remember those things in the morning and then at the end of the day at bedtime is when I read my book because I feel like I don't want I'm not it's okay so tell me what are some books that you really appreciated over the years and maybe some authors if you can think of any that you really like
 a book that I just recently read was called learning contentment also by Nancy Wilson I thought it was a really great book I think it's something that I've definitely struggled with off and on
 for my whole life but I think it's something that most people start with especially women and with a social media today you know you go on Instagram and instantly see a bunch of people just complaining and so not all of them as people were dressing to but a lot of it is that and so I just thought it was really good read and I had some convictions in it and I feel like I learned and grew through some of the content in that book but also just think it's a great book for like most women to read Womanhood wifehood mothering Nancy Wilson also has a series of books are out in the 90s
 and it's like a three-set book for your hands praise her in the gates and there's another one on child-rearing but I read it read through to her hands and I just kind of what kind of laughing through it I thought it was really good but I was laughing because she's just like the straight shooter and straight to the point I appreciate she's not fluffy and make you feel good really direct so I like that especially coming from a woman author especially for maybe why is it struggle with submission afraid of her hands for
 enjoyment which I generally anytime I read a book it's almost always on mothering wife Hood parenting whatever it is I don't usually read a lot of books just to just run for him in but someone is recommended this book called Define Jihad and I think I mentioned it in the podcast not too long ago
 something what's her name what's her name who wrote the book anyways difficult to find you how the covers black in the titles in bright orange and yeah it's about a woman who is formerly Muslim who became a Christian and it's her story in her testimony in it was just a story they needed me to work one pray more for the persecuted church and just exercised my freedom to practice my faith in early motherhood shopping a child's heart by Ted trip don't make me count to three by Ginger Hubbard those are good for like toddlers pacifically
 chapter 3 is from Ginger Hubbard nuts for toddlers New Zealand Nancy Campbell finished Mission I like anything by Sally Clarkson to Mission of motherhood and Ministry of motherhood I like her Nancy Campbell cuz they're more tender tender and I'm not a generally pretty tender person I'm kind of rough around the edges and I can
 you know say things without thinking sometimes and I need to be aware of myself when I'm speaking associate I'm getting frustrated or flustered I need to be like Ultra in control of my phone until I like listening to them because they're encouraging me they kind of give me a little bit of an example by using scripture I've had a few more how to say things more we're probably backwards what everybody expects at home and so out in the public I'm bold and I'm I'm intense at least that's how people perceive me I think and
 I hope that I can also be perceived as compassionate that's what I'm working on but Veronica you know is you know what kind of a counterbalance to me and you know quiet and you know meek and the public but at home it rocks a little bit flip flop time I'm generally the more softer parent parent and she's more of the authoritarian I mean I definitely still like the
 Al on the heavy side of the law but you know Veronica is more of the
 I don't know I'm just kind of like a get it done in like I'm focused and when things throw me off it's a little bit hard for me to come back from that which when you have three little kids it's a growing point. The more gentle which is yeah this is so fascinating it's even fascinating to me but it's the load balance that he just made us this way and we have this unique thing publicly in personally look at those are some good good questions and get answers and hopefully you guys got a chance to better understand Veronica and yeah just get a chance to get to know who she is a little bit more next week will be back into our topical typical podcast that we tackle some of the issues that the church seems to be avoiding or that there's not much great content about biblically
 does it need to be discussed in the Church of Jesus Christ so thanks for joining us and we will see you guys next week
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