The Sin That Burns Down Homes
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 welcome to real Christianity I'm your host Dale Partridge as many of you know and you can find the show notes for these episodes at our Ministries website a tree learn.org today we're going to talk about an issue that I believe plagues every single person on Earth and to varying degrees but the issue were talking about is sexual immorality I titled this episode the sin that burns down homes you could even change that to the sin that burns down lives
 sexual immorality is a very dangerous thing it's one of those things that like a fire in a fireplace when it's in a fireplace it is a great place it's a safe place it to where it's supposed to be but when the fire leaves the fireplace it just destroys everything and so it is with sexual activity outside of the structure that God has designed for us I recently I watched a clip
 I from Alistair Begg and he made a compelling statement he said pastors have the ministry of reminder and that's my hope for this episode is to remind you of God's view of sexuality and how we as Christians can continue to recalibrate our hearts to the gravity of sexual sin but before we get started I just wanted to make one actually maybe two quick announcement one at thank you for praying for me for those who have been following along the journey I have had a flare-up of Lyme disease and mold toxicity some of the things that I struggle with personally in my personal health and have had the last several months have been very difficult but many of you have been praying for me and thank you I can feel your prayers and the grace of God on my life I am improving I am he
 I'm slowly but surely and it even had some really great days in the past couple of weeks and so thank you for your prayers secondly you because we're talking about sexual immorality I wanted to make sure that everybody does know that we have a program for those who are struggling to break free from the bondage of pornography and its program the short program it's three videos it's a it's a course that takes about three weeks to complete it step-by-step at your own pace it's called Stand in Victory. Org and it's a gospel centered approach to Breaking Free from the bondage of pornography so if you struggle with that that is a resource for you to check out again that stand in Victory. Org
 all right so to begin I just want to say we all have sexual sin in our lives to varying degrees for some of it or for some of us it might be a lustful thoughts for others it may be pornography use adultery sexual deviancy years ago I tweeted a phrase that I often use in my local Ministry I said the length of your sin does not increase the strength of your sin too often I hear Christians who have you sexually immoral Tendencies or they would say that they're prone to these things these sexual sinful actions and as a result they they justify it by believing that God made them that way you know after all right why would God give a person such strong desires and then tell you to not exercise those desire for that doesn't make sense for the carnal mind
 to this I just want to remind you all that we are each broken sin ridden men and women in the flash were filled with these fleshly desires that are not wholly or righteous in this is why the scriptures are clear that we must be born again in other words yes we are born this way we are born with the propensity for sexual deviancy and for lustful thoughts and for sexual immorality we are in our flash have these desires and passions and we were born into sin and because we were born into sin we have those desires but because we were born that way that's why we must each be born again we need a new heart that isn't Enslaved the desires
 flash but is actually enslaved to Jesus Christ or is Enslaved the desires of the Holy Spirit
 now I not only do we need to remove that lie right the lie that the length of our sexual sin has some sort of extra strength or or makes it impossible for you to conquer through Christ but we also need to be reminded of God's commands regarding sexuality in an effort to hedge against the cultures ability to make you comfortable with the activities that no Christian should be comfortable with and I just want to
 make it clear to you guys we are being slowly cooked in this culture as a frog or a lobster sits in water and doesn't realize it's being cooked so are we when it comes to becoming comfortable with the sexual issues of today in and explain it this way we live in a pornographic culture in a modesty has been shunned for men and women nudity sensuality promiscuity sexual activity it just surrounds us and every possible form at that can be imagined in fact we have as modern as individuals the most graphic sexual content on earth right in our pockets 24/7 by way of our phones
 and we have to realize that the devil has worked very hard to make sexual immorality not only accessible in the culture but also justifiable and celebrated in the culture
 you know we're even seen the sexualisation of children we saw that big issue with the Netflix's series I think it's called cuties right we're seeing even you know the media and celebrity world accommodate pedophilia and other forms of things that you would never even imagine the forms of sexual deviancy that would have been just so outside of the realm of mental capacity even fifty years ago or a hundred years ago are now entering into articles and into the halls of the greatest universities on Earth and are being
 they're there their manufacturing an appetite in the culture for these things there legitimizing things that we should never legitimize every movie and TV show has premarital sex homosexual references transgender approving or suggestive content when ultimately against sexual deviancy has run rampant in our culture and the enemy is working diligently to make us as Christians and this mankind to be at peace with it all
 but what I want to say is that we cannot be at peace with sin okay sin is God's enemy as soon as our enemy in sexual sin is specifically dangerous to our bodies I'll talk about some scripture regarding that in a moment now because it just is a great connection in writing to the Corinthians the Apostle Paul Penzeys words and 1st Corinthians chapter 6 18 through 20
 he says flea immorality and that the the conversation is about sexuality but fully some some will even say flee fornication I'm in your translation of Reno the nasb but his flea
 I am morality every other sin about a man commits is outside the body but the immoral man sins against his own body and again the conversation is about sexual immorality if you were in the ESV it'll probably safely sexual immorality every other synonym and committed outside the body but the sexually immoral man sins against his own body or do you not know it says in the next verse this is a rhetorical question or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you whom you have from God and that you are not your own question mark for you have been bought with a price therefore glorify God in your body
 now I'm going to read just one more passage from 1st Corinthians 6 I'm going to try to offer a brief explanation some just some supporting content and then I'm going to close this episode out with just an important point and this is again also for 1st Corinthians chapter 6 of just a few verses earlier so we just read verses 18 and 19 what is the very end of that chapter I'm going to go back to verses 6 chapter 6 verses 9 through 11
 and again I'm reading in the NTSB it says in a rhetorical question here again or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God do not be deceived neither fornicators nor idolaters nor adulterers nor effeminate nor homosexuals nor thieves nor the coveted nor drunkards nor revilers North swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God such were some of you but you were washed but you were Sanctified but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and the spirit of our God so again first Paul uses these rhetorical questions right he asked this question or do you not know that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God the answer is an obvious yes I do know that I do know that the unrighteous will not inherit the Kingdom
 and he gets all these examples of unrighteous Behavior
 and he wants us to see the Eternal weight of sin and specifically this chapter deals with sexual sin so I'm going to say that he wants us to see the Eternal weight of sexual immorality potentially he tells us that people who are fornicators who are adults who are homosexuals who are drunkards who are revilers who are these people that means that they are walking in these things they are habitually participating in these sinful acts in these are again in reference to people that Walk This Way are not born again and we know that because he says
 such were some of you right he's referencing people who are not born again we're walking in this way and he saying you're not this way you were washed you were Sanctified you were Justified now we know that I think is Thomas Watson who said in The born-again Believer sin remains but in The born-again Believer sin will not rain into this a little bit of Distinction that we need to make here is that born-again Christians will fall and stumble into sexual immorality but it will not rain and it will not rule them and is the difference between them and the people who are the fornicators and who are adulterers they are practicing that is they are getting better at it they are improving they are cardinals they are walking it and see no problem with it at all
 and what I want to talk about is he he he makes this massive statement that these people are not going to inherit the kingdom of God which is again just another way of saying that individuals walking this way unrepentantly without believing in Christ who are actively participating in such Behavior will be condemned to hell and that's what that passage is saying
 and he also issues in 18 to 20 the passage we read earlier a simple come into Christians really who have stumbled and I want to talk about this for a second he says flea sexual immorality and this is a strong command hear the word in the Greek eye is veergati and it it's a present tense verb in this means it is describing really habitual were ongoing baleen like keep on playing. Just flee one time but constantly be fleeing sexual immorality in this is vital because you can we live in a culture that keeps bringing sexual immorality closer and closer to us it's encroaching Upon Us in every possible way that I said earlier the enemy has made it incredibly accessible to our lives but while it's placed all around us
 and it's integrated into every possible facet of your of your daily life the command is again the same as flea it get away from it but what you get is difficult in our world is all around us it's on the TVs it's it's on the radio it's it's on your iPad it's on your iPhone it's on your laptop it's it's in an ad that pops up its its women walking around this way and men walking around another way and it's there's just constant bombardment of sexual temptation all around it around us and I just want to have a question for you
 and I want you to ask yourself these questions are you looking at pornography are you having lustful thoughts about
 somebody who's not your spouse are you sleeping with your boyfriend or girlfriend are you cheating on your wife for your husband are you sexting with another person are you having a work wife for a work husband that's not really your spouse are you in a sexually deviant relationship are you flirting with other people that aren't your spouse are you dressing in a sexually suggestive manner are you watching sexually saturated movies are you okay with the sex scenes that are in the movies that you're watching in the shows that you're watching are you listening to songs about sexual acts try to get in the command
 is the same it's fully from it do what you would do if Christ was sitting right next to you during those moments because he is God is everywhere watching you understanding looking at your heart looking at your actions and all these sexual expressions are simply fruits of the same sinful route It All Leads back down to the core Park it's sexual immorality is that it's away from God's design for
 marriage and sexuality we have to remember it's Christians we simply God has given us just one valid expression of our sexuality and in scripture is between a man and a woman
 in all of their sexual formats are condemned
 that's the expression that we have and there is freedom within that marriage relationship that you can have sexual character and style and enjoyment as long as it doesn't violate the conscience in the heart of that of your spouse but generally speaking
 that is the only valid expression that we have is too
 be with a spouse of the opposite sex
 it's so if you're walking in sexual sin
 what I want you to do is I want you to flee from it I want you to do what scripture says I want you to repent and return to your obedience to Christ your savior of the one whom your body his own he bought you and paid for you with a price with his own blood and I don't care if you have to quit your job to get away from the Temptation I don't care if you have to move out of your boyfriend or girlfriend's house I don't care if you need to stop watching your favorite show I don't care if you need to buy new clothes to meet with your modest convictions I don't care if you need to confess your sin to your wife or your husband do whatever it takes
 to flee from sexual immorality and for those who don't
 means that you just keep on walking in sexual immorality you keep pursuing that without conviction without changing might feel bad about it
 mostly because you feel guilty for it you might dislike the way it makes you feel after you've done it but you keep on doing it because you actually love the sin that's the only reason we keep on doing the same thing over and over and over again is because we love it we don't do things over and over and over again that we truly hate we do those things that were enslaved to
 and the bigger question if you're one of these people that just keeps on doing it
 becomes is and I would ask yourself this is is why am I participate not or I should say not why am I participating in sexual morality but how have I been able to do so for so long without the conviction of the Holy Spirit compelling me to stop
 that's an important question for you to ask Steven Lawson says and I quote this statement all the time the only thing worse than not having the Assurance of Salvation is having the false Assurance of salvation
 true Born Again Christians are not slaves to sin but slaves to Christ again we will have our moments of stumbling but we will not stay in that mud enjoy that mud continue to go back to that mud we will continue to walk forward towards Christ because we have the conviction of the Holy Spirit dwelling within us helping us supporting us sanctifying us making us more like Christ and we will conquer that send through him
 if that is not true of your life if you are a slave to sexual immorality and you find yourself in a position where you cannot stop
 but you might but you think that you're a Christian or you call yourself a Christian it's not just a matter of obedience it's time to be set free it's time to repent and Trust In Christ Alone to earn that righteous verdict that you cannot learn on your own on Judgment Day it's to put all your hope and faith in him it's to turn away from your sin and turn to him and let him free you
 from sexual immorality
 Heath Lambert
 set a relay important quote then I'll close with this he says employing radical measures
 is the path to life
 while indulging sin is the path to Hell God does not forbid sexual immorality because he wants you to be miserable God forbids it because sexual immorality leads to broken this sadness emptiness death and Hell
 people I know
 the temptation of sexual immorality I understand it I've been there
 we need to turn to Christ to not just change our Behavior but change our hearts
 do not be better but to be made new
 to change the appetite for sin and they give us an appetite for holiness
 this is the prayer that you need to pray to repent and turn to Christ to walk away from the darkness and into the light to not fulfill the desires of the flesh but to follow the Holy Spirit
 try again as a close I'm going to offer you guys
 our program at standing victory.org and it's a very affordable program that that program we've also donated too many people who can't afford it and there's a way to do that if you're struggling with sin and if you can't afford it we do ask that you pay for it so that the people who can't afford it can be covered
 and if that's you we would love to have you at our program at where we talked about the gospel and the promises of scripture in the promises of Christ to flee us and it did not just change our Behavior but to change our entire propensity towards sin
 through the a drawing of the spirit
 and the sanctification of our of our souls and so
 my prayer for you guys is to be free from this and I'm going to pray for that now and then we'll close father Lord we ask that you would help anyone who's listening who is struggling to break free from the bondage of sexual immorality Lord that they wouldn't turn away from their personal passions and desires and trade them in for your passions and desires farther than they would hate their sin as much as you hate their sin and father that they would see the Holiness of God
 and Lord that they would give up
 what is so small for what is so large the kingdom of God
 are we pray for willingness and for a desire of repentance
 and father that you would bring life to people who would be willing to come to you
 in prayer and repentance and in belief in faith in you father but we ask for strength we ask for wisdom in the matters of handling the departure from these things we ask for a boldness and willingness to confess our sin not only to you got both those that we send against
 the father we thank you so much that you have offered us a way of freedom and not just for eternity with you but father Freedom From The Bondage of sin that we live in today as Fallen human being
 are we thank you for the gospel in Jesus name amen
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