Romans 1:28-32 The Tragic Ending for Every Atheist
in this episode of real Christianity I close out the final verses of Romans chapter 1 which as you know has been confronting the sin of atheism but more than that we've learned how God distances himself from those who reject him leading these people toward a tragic dark and sinful life ending in Eternal punishment this text will help Christians understand the Wrath and Justice of God the more than that it'll drive you to a place of concern for the loss to stay tuned on how Christians should respond to these important truths all that and more coming up right now
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 end in victory.org again that stand in victory.org to Romans 1:28 232 you can build a read it on the screen and it says in starting in 28 and I might be reading to you guys in the ESV it says in since they did not see fit to acknowledge God God gave them up to a debased mind to do what ought not to be done they were filled with all manner of unrighteousness evil covetousness malice they are full of Envy murder Strife to see maliciousness they are gossips Landers haters of God insulin hottie boastful inventors of evil disobedient to parents foolish faithless heartless ruthless though they know God's righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve to die
 a not only do them but give approval to those who practise them all right so today's sermon is really on the final verses of Romans chapter 1 at the tragic and ultimate result of the cascading self-inflicted consequences of downward spiral atheism and in other words really the verses are the ultimate disastrous outcome of a person who reject God and God actually pulling away from that individual these are men and women again who are experiencing that that distancing that downward spirals toward self-worship and idolatry they've been identified in this group has five ways I want to list those five ways cuz we got to make sure that we look at our context of today's passage in the greater context of Romans chapter 1 in so if you've been following along with us from Romans chapter 1 verses 18 all the way here to 32 is really that's one big block having this conversation about the down
 spiral of those who have rejected God who have turned idolatries with turn to self worship and those individuals are experiencing the distancing withdrawing of God in five specific ways and never once they are people who have rejected the evidence of God clearly seen in creation this is kind of Romans 1:18 through 23 that portion there they projected got the evidence of God in creation they don't see God it just in the things that are made never to these are people who exchanged the glory of the immortal God and worship idols and said some of your translations will say they've exchanged the truth of God for a lie. That's another Mark of these individuals number three is these are people who have been as a result given over to the loss of their hearts to impurity so that they would dishonor their bodies and this is individuals in this is starting to have a a judgment of God for the rejection of him I never for these are people who have been give
 over to the dishonorable passions of homosexuality as a way to physically manifest the perversion of their worship and experience the fullness of their self Worship in physical relationship form that was last week's message on homosexuality if you haven't taken to listen to that go ahead and listen to that cuz it'll give you context for what we're talkin about today number five is these are people who have been given over to a debased my door to a depraved mind and become slaves of all types of wicked behaviors that lead to misery rootlessness and ultimately he'll that. Is where we're at In this passage and why Romans 1 is such an important passage of scripture it really exudes the Wrath and Justice of God so we're going to start off here in verses 28
 in the passage opens with a causal Claus and I want you guys to always catch the grammar right I'm teaching you guys how to catch grammar how to be on top of your interpretation process it says in verse 28 and since they did not see fit to acknowledge God God gave them up to a debased mind now when it says and since they did not see fit to acknowledge God God did this essentially this is a cause and effect situation that word since can really be replaced with the word because I can be saying and because they did not see fit to acknowledge God gave them over again it's this cause and effect they didn't do this and as a result this happened and so this is a causal Clause we want to see that relationship in the grammar this is the third and final Divine delivery that we've seen since verses 18 to 32 it's a constant God delivering them over to certain things are
 handing them over to certain things the first was emotional lust and passion the second was to do dishonorable and vile acts with her body the third one here is now to a debased mind so essentially what we're seeing here is this is a reality of the totality of God's judgment upon a person where the wrath of God is is really being played out a person's life. He purposely withdraws from the life of an atheist permitting them to really did generate their entire being from their emotions to their physical bodies and now their mind and so this is just again representing and demonstrated that totality of God's wrath upon a person that denies the existence of God and worships Idols as a result of 2nd Thessalonians 2:10 through 12 says quote and with all Wicked deception for those who are perishing because they refused to love the truth and still be saved verse 11 there for
 send them a strong delusion
 show that the purpose so that they may believe what is false in order that another purpose, as a result Clause that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth I had pleasure in unrighteousness X God God does not remain neutral in this person's life got actually a response by sending them judgments and in strong delusion I mean we're seeing this again with the emotional with drawing for the their passions to impurity for the physical that was drawn to the physical debaucheries done with the body and now to another withdraw to the mind leaving them to all types of improper thoughts and thinking so the next phrase out of the result of this really is it God handing them over to a debased mind that they would do what it says that they would do what I ought not to be done
 okay the phrase becomes a banner over the next following for versus identifying the things that ought not to be done it's we're going to read those right now in Romans 1:21 through 31 are you can follow along again I'm in the ESV it says they were filled with all manner of unrighteousness evil covetousness malice they're full of Envy murder Strife two-seat maliciousness they're gossips Slanders haters of God insulet hottie boastful inventors of evil disobedient to parents foolish faithless heartless ruthless okay now this is speaking to the concept and principle of occupation these are the attributes that are manifesting or occupying the heart and minds of these individuals who have rejected the existence of God God's withdraw from their life and now as a result their minds and hearts are saturated with wickedness and the less
 here is that humanity is always filled with something there is no neutral ground you are either consumed and ruled by light or you're either ruled and consumed by Darkness again there is no moral neutral ground here in fact even those who when you look it up on the world perform you know what we would call in the world morally righteous Deeds give to the poor helping the neighbor but if these individuals are not saved and they're doing this from a place of self-righteousness which they are they're not doing it to the glory of Christ they're doing it to the glory of themselves this is why the Old Testament and even our good works are filthy rags to God because if it's not done to the glory of God it's not actually good and we know that because Romans 14:23 says for whatever does not proceed from faith is sin so even our good works if you're not saved or actually sinful and that's why I can even your good works are filthy rags to God because if they're not done to the glory of Christ The Glory of self
 Vital Information for us to understand because even though somebody does something good for not save and they're not doing it for the glory of Christ it's not actually good it is a Morrill Act
 but it's not actually done from the heart of praising and honoring and reviewing of the Lord this is why Jesus would often call the Pharisees as whitewashed tombs because the outside it looks beautiful but on the inside their dead and full of Bones where you called the cops it's clean on the outside but still see on the inside because it's not just about what we do in the outside it's about the heart in which those things proceed from that is vital Christian doctrine villapol is saying here is that the absence of righteousness dwelling in a person will result in a person who is involved with a with unrighteousness Fairfield and full of unrighteousness and then Paul goes on really to name the description of these manifestations of those unrighteous evil cabbages and Malice the fullness of those things it's a real first 12 appearances
 manifestations of these things that ought not to be done that are driven from unrighteousness and covetousness and Malice and evil and they are gossips they are slanderers haters of God insolent mean to be disrespectful hottie which is another word or older word for arrogant a boastful Adventures of evil disobedient to parents is obviously interesting because this is this is speaking to use inside of this audience here because we we often think that this letter is just written to the adults but no the scriptures often actually include children as if children were in the listening audience of the letter to be red and so we see this in a fusion chapter 6 Paul does that telling the kids to obey their parents at you as as it's fitting in the Lord and we're seeing it again here there is an assumption
 the children are in the congregation of the church and because while we're called to obey our parents over children were not called to obey our parents when we're older we honor them but not obey them and this is actually calling out does individuals that are disobedient apparent it continues his foolish faithless heartless ruthless so these again are people who are ruled by Wicked emotions Wicked bodies in Wicked mind not going to go through a break down all of those individual characteristics because I think we understand what does generally mean but these individuals are ruled by these things and they don't even know it because self-love is blinding that is a true characteristic of the Lost Paul continued by saying in Romans 132
 he says quote though they know God's righteous decree that those who practice such things deserve to die they not only do them but give approval to those who practise them first I want you to catch a case of claws claws is whenever something is introduced into the sentence that's shocking for example you think about Romans where it says although they were sinners Christ died for them it's a shocking statement it's like saying although they were Rich they lived on the streets like wait what the rich and they live in the streets or they were they were Sinners and yet still Christ died for them and this is saying the same things as though they know God's righteous decree that those who practice such things as they not only do them but give approval to those who practice them it's it's an emphatic indication of grammar and so we're looking at this through the lens of of a
 oh wow tall is recognizing that this is a shocking thing they know yet they still don't do and it's a fascinating so first
 even though they've been handed over in a motions in body and mind there was still according to this passage of remnant of the knowledge of righteousness remaining in them what a fascinating concept of God's law is written on our hearts every human being we know this because again in Roman to 14462 tells us quotes for when Gentiles who do not have the law by Nature do what the law requires they are a lot of themselves even though they do not have the law that is the written law though are they show that the work of the law is written on their hearts while their conscience also Bears witness and their conflicting thoughts accuse or even excuse them and quote so we're going to move on from there and this last phrase that Paul says they think you're not just doing evil they're actually approving evil and it's written there to demonstrate the depth of their
 commitment to their practice of evil it showing that they don't just do these things they actually encourage others to do that that's a whole different level of commitment their formation implies more than simply allowing some sort of evil but actually encouraging others to commit those same evil acts this is likely a job at those who are in position in the government or those who are influential in their local communities we can think about this today the executive at Disney are not just evil themselves but they actually give approval through their work for others to do evil they actually encourage other people to do that and think about the companies that are all out there for pride month that are putting rainbow flags and different things on their logos they offer approval for the wickedness why why are they doing that so that they can continue to fuel their greed at the bottom line they're not there to serve God they're there to serve their own bellies which is again
 essentially people who do evil affirm evil as a way to pacify their conscience what you got the grass that people affirm evil who do evil as a way to pacify the conscience it's a way to justify what they're doing because if enough people are doing this then maybe what I'm doing isn't actually as evil as my conscience says it is and so now this is this is again that the wrap-up of what's Happening Here in Romans chapter 1 but before I move forward I want to make sure that you're seeing a couple things one I want to make sure that you're seeing God's presence in a person's life becomes the determining Factor
 in their moral state so the distance that God has placed between himself and an individual is really the determining factor of their state of Holiness of their state of light or the state of morality so the degree of depravity is directly connected to the distance between God and another person and so when we look upon the world and we see all the Brokenness the people who campaigned to murder babies or the Pervert gender who partake in sexual homosexuality or are trying to legalize pedophilia or prostitution or children going to drag queen shows all the stuff that's going on in the world we have to understand the connection between the pursuit of these behaviors and their distance from God there's a relationship there that we need to understand this is important because in a sense we're all sinners from birth right we're also needed to be born again needing the gospel to regenerate her heart so that we can be redeemed and right relationship with God but
 also teaches that God's closeness is varied among Humanity right he is close to his people that all the time on the lost it and so he's not equally distant from those lost people he's actually very distant from some people in history as we can see if we just look down the corridors of war or some of the world's most evil people but what you have to see here also was just the justice of God that God doesn't just allow sin to go unpunished but the thing is is that he will afflict Sinners not just an eternal consequences but he will Affliction or even now and so this is not just true of Sinners I would even say that she will allow Christian to experience the not the fullness but I'm parked the consequences of a sinful lifestyle
 and he will distance himself in a degree so that we can understand how terrible it is to watkinson and return to our master in his ways and Sophia these individuals with his absence he removes light from their life you remove the conviction of the conscience he removes the common Grace that he is laid out on the world he removed his righteous instruction he leaves them to a life of utter misery hopelessness and pain that's what happens to these individuals who reject God and turn to worship the reason track their their intuition and their intuitive desire to worship tour idolatry toward themselves and as a result he backed away so again when you look up on a person who fits the description of the following state that we are the previous did we talked about a person who you can see clearly is on a path of this downward self afflicting spiral of distancing themselves from God you have to realize that Redemption can't be a cheap
 just a logical conversation or a religious conversation or behavior modification or legislation that's not going to help we have to see that these people don't need better information they don't need better psychology what they need is the only thing that can save them and save their souls and regenerate their hearts is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and what I mean by all of that is that they're not on salvageable nobody is unsalvageable in that sent wheat we have to remember what Paul says in 1st Timothy 1:15 is this the saying is trustworthy and deserving of full acceptance that Christ Jesus came into the world to save Sinners of whom I am the foremost what a posture to have what a Pasha to have as the Apostle to go Christ came into the world to save Sinners and there was some Wicked people in the world
 and Paul says I'm the greatest
 I'm the greatest of them all and so when you like Paul can see that that you can truly actually be just as wicked had God not coming mercifully rescued you when you can see that you could be just as wicked and evil and malicious and and vile as anybody else in this world and you realize that God has brought you to life and giving you a conscience and give you the convictions of Holy Spirit you can start to comprehend the weight of his grace and mercy upon your life that that is essential he Paul is wanting us to understand that
 this is
 a picture of the world and the lost but as we're going to see as we turn to chapter two this is actually a picture of who you once were so let's pray animal close out father we thank you Lord for your word we thank you for a reminder of what happens when we were Jeff to you we thank you Father for also the truth and we asked the Lord that you would save these people that have rejected you Lord that you would continue to make your enemies your friends and father that you would save these sinners from their ways and know that you would remind us of the grace and mercy has been extended to us through your son Jesus Christ amen
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