A Special Christmas Edition
Welcome to the Real Christianity Christmas special we hope that you and your family are enjoying this wonderful holiday with family and friends in this episode I'll be walking us through a short message on the biblical perspective of Christmas we hope that your day will be blessed in the remembrance of our Lord's birth Merry Christmas
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 as Christians we often believe that the Christmas Story begins in Luke Chapter 2 but that's not quite true the story of Christmas begins actually in Genesis it begins as a promise a promise of a seed God created the world and then he creates man man falls into sin and the Christmas story is burst in the sentencing of God's curse is he but prior to delivering this bad news of consequences to Adam and Eve God delivers good news
 back to Genesis 3 15 we see what the Illusions called the Proto evangelism Proto meeting first and Evangeline being good news we see the first good news of the Bible all the way back in Genesis 3 15 let's read it together
 and I will put enmity between you and the woman and between your seed and her seed you shall bruise your head and you shall bruise his heel he's talking to the enemy he's talking to the serpent but God makes a promise I promise that one day God will send someone through Eve to conquer the enemy and redeem Humanity I promise that one day of Fallen Humanity will be restored back to perfect fellowship with God a promise that one day we will be rescued from the grave right the result of the Fall was death and there is a promise that death will no longer rain
 fascinatingly The Woman by which sin had first entered will become the vessel in which sin is destroyed and then what makes it so interesting is that I imagine that Adam and Eve had a very real immediate expectation of this promise I imagine that they thought it came or maybe able would be the promised serpent Crusher but soon we learned that they're not the promised seed able is murdered and Cain is banished and the hope of God's promised seed seems to be lost then we read in Genesis 4:25 and Adam knew his wife again and she bore a son and called him a Seth for she said quote God has appointed for me another Offspring instead of a table for Cain killed him
 again we see the Hope arise and Eve maybe Seth is the promised seed but again we find out that he's not it goes on to the next first to say to Seth also a son was born and he called his name enosh at that time people began to call upon the name of the Lord I want you to catch something that's very important that first because this is the first time we see people yearning for Christmas the very first prayer the very first time humanity quote called upon the name of the Lord was caused by people Desiring to see God deliver on his promise they yearn to know when God will send that promised seed and restore them back to their creator
 and from this point on prayer throughout the entire Old Testament is centered on God the filling his promises the longing for Christmas continues there after prayer Covenant after Covenant profit after profit the longing goes on and we see God's promise of seed is sustained in Noah
 write the Reason God spared Noah and his family is that without Noah his promise could not have been kept the seed must stay alive
 but then God confirms that seed in Abraham he reaffirms that seed and Isaac and Jacob and he identifies that seed in the line of David we see twenty Generations from Adam to Abraham there are fourteen Generations from Abraham to David and there's 28 Generations from David to the birth of Christ 62 generations of people groaning and anticipating Christmas the Advent the coming of Christ and what I want us to take away is this the birth of Jesus the story of Christmas is not simply God's gift to humanity it is the celebration of the Fulfillment of God's promise to his people
 Christmas is not a new hope it's the satisfaction of an old hope we have a promise keeping God he is a God who came and he is a God who will come again and as we washed 62 generations of God's people wait for the promise of that seed so we also wait for the promise of his return He Has Come and he will come again let us thank God for the birth of his only begotten son
 father we thank you for Christmas we thank you that you are a promise keeping God we thank you that you sent a son not only to be born but to die
 father what a gift we have in Jesus a God who dwells with us and in us the most of all father we thank you that you are coming again to restore all it does is real waited we wait and it is real you learned that the first coming we yearn for your return we praise you and thank you Father in the mighty name of Jesus Amen
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