Romans 2:12-13: The Inescapable Condemnation of God’s Law
and it's up to the real Christianity we continue our journey through Romans 2 and confront the reality of the moral law of God what is the purpose of a line of Jesus fulfilled the law does the law still have jurisdiction today but most importantly how old is the law of relate to how we share the gospel I'll be answering all these questions and more coming up right now
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 or two we learned that God's justice is individualized Paul levels the playing field between the Jews and the Greeks and the universality of the Judgment in jurisdiction of the Gospel ultimately what I'm saying here is that both Jew and Greek are going to stand equally before the Judgment seat of Christ on the day of judgment will be no partiality we know this in 2nd Corinthians 5:10 that says for we must all appear before the Judgment seat of Christ so that each one may receive what is due for what he has done in the body whether good or evil now when we say that word all this includes Christians non-christians both Jews and Greeks the reality is that for Christians we get to lean on Romans 8:1 that says there is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus so that is it our final verdict during that judgment is not resting upon our works but upon the work of Christ cuz we have our faith in Christ alone where he and puked his righteousness to us
 making us Justified before the law because of his righteousness not our own and so while Christians will stand before judgement and we will have a reward for the way that we behaved our final verdict is not going to be resting Upon Our Own works but upon the works of Christ and this is this is a place for Christians have peace and rest before those who are not Believers it's absolutely terrify you pause the central point is that judgment is coming for all people it's coming every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord both Jew and Greek and the religious moralism of Israel was not sufficient to make people righteous would be justified before God namely outside of Christ all people are condemned this is what we need to really settle our hearts on there is only one way to the father we know this Jesus Christ was only one righteous one who can atone Jesus Christ his only one savior who can redeem again the man Jesus cry
 so today is Pastor Paul is going to shift his Focus From The Universal judgment and he's going to move on to the condemning power of the Loft and so it's it's from the actual judgment to really be the underlying structure of that judgment which is the Loft if the last sermon that I gave the episode before this was the action than this sermon is really the grounds the law is the grounds for the Judgment other words if the Judgment of God is just it's because the law is authorized or operative or enforceable it's available for us to see it has jurisdiction over how we live and how we're supposed to obey and we've violated it as Sinners born into sin and also sent her to commit sin so we're going to read Romans to 12 to 13 just a short short passage of scripture we're going to dive in after that verse by verse of Romans to 12 to 13 in the ESV it says for all who have sinned without the law
 also perish without the law and all who have sinned under the law will be judged by the law for it is not the hearers of the law who are righteous before God but the doors of the law who will be justified okay the main idea of this sermon of this passage of scripture is this the law of God is intended to dammit man not deliver them can you need to grass is going to say it one more time the law of God is intended and designed to damn men not deliver them to a broken today's sermon into two sections and we're going to be breaking it verse 12 and verse 13 2 verse 12 is the universal I should say sorry that condemning power of the Loft and verse 13 is the unbearable demand of the law case with two sections to get one more time to condemning power of the law and the unbearable demand of the
 this section is the start of a larger section or larger arguments when we read this passage of scripture we have to realize that Paul is not saying this statement in an isolated moment know this is a piece of a larger correspondent on a specific issue on a coordinated argument that he's making regarding the law and its role in The Gospel so we have to understand that and so versus a 212 through 331 this is one consistent argument so we have to take it in contact we can't just take this passage of scripture rip it out and read it without the other sentences and paragraphs surrounding it essential that we keep it in context because we read this passage we go oh Ford is not the heroes of the law who are righteous before God but the doors of the law will be justified what we're going to take all we just have to do the law and that's how we could justify know this is Paul actually started out this conversation he's leading to a point later In this passage is going
 clarify what he means by what he says but none of us are going to be justified by the law because we can't keep the law perfectly and that's what he's essentially saying here so if you looked at the section 212 to 3:31 in my ESV Bible just a headings will give you kind of icky understanding of what's being said here in the The Narrative of his argument here I never wanted to heading say in the ESV Bible God's judgment and the law number two is God's righteousness upheld number three is no one is righteous and number for is the righteousness of God through faith so if you read chapter 2 chapter 3 the heading to start to see that steam attic narrative that Paul is trying to take us on SOL vs 12 and 13 which were talking about really act as a thesis for this section were Paul demonstrates the power of the moral law of God's the he talks about the just condemnation of the law of God our guilt because of
 the law of God in our only path to be found righteous before the law of God so this is again a larger narrative in discourse on the gospel presentation that occurred in the early half of the book of Romans I often say that Christians really need to have a bad news good news gospel if you just have a good news gospel without the bad news nobody's really going to appreciate the good news the good news is good because the bad news is so bad but if we preach just the good news without the sting of the badges the condemnation of arse in the power of the law has over our Behavior the condemning power that we stand before the law of God then we're not going to be thankful and grateful for the rescue that the Saviour has taken by the feeling that law for us and so it's essential that we have this bad news good news gospel and in this section Paul is establishing the bad news this is what we're in the section for the next several
 passages of scripture that we're going to be teaching. Sorry talking about the bad news the question you should ask yourself is this how you share the gospel do you start with the bad news if you don't you're preaching the gospel inconsistent with the Apostle Paul and that should raise some red flags to verse 12 will break this down verse by verse year for all who have sinned without the law will also perish without the lock just stop right there just listen to what he's saying for all who have sinned without the law they never even heard of the law will also perish meaning that they're going to die physically and spiritually they're going to perish without the law and all who have sinned under the law will be judged by the law so this is a guinea universality of the condemnation of the Loft Nepal opens up this paragraph with the word for and the word for is a causal Claus and you want to pay attention to those people too so you can get better at in
 reading scripture on your rounds it's this reoccurring theme from chapter 1 and 2 chapter 2 Paul is against showing the interconnectedness of his arguments a line of reasoning ultimately if you could rephrase this it would be saying this occurs because this is true in this occurs because this is true and this occurs because this is true that's what's happening here and we have to take note of that so that we're not just reading the scripture without the greater Narrative of what Paul is trying to get across to us and so this is again a coordinated argument that we need to pay attention to so again first Paul is demonstrating the universe of condemning power of the Loft he's leveling the playing field he says we're all condemned whether you have the law was it you don't have the law you're all going to perish regardless if you have possession of the law it's up to the Gentiles you saying you're a sinner there for your ignorance of the law does not change your deal before the law you're going to perish he saved the Jews you're a sinner there for your possession of the law
 does not change your guild before the law you're going to perish both people are going to perish with the law outside of Christ and so we know that the wages of sin is death and because all have sinned against the law ignorantly or knowingly all people will perish all people will die and it's not just talking about a physical death it's also talking about a spiritual death of the body and the Soul spiritual death is a separation of soul from God and so or I should say soul from the grace and the mercy in the love of God you will have the wrath of God upon you but you will not have the other love of God on you so for example if I was driving 45 mph down the street here in Arizona and I was unaware that the law said on that street that I could only do I drive 25 mph I would still be guilty of that law despite my understanding or awareness of that law
 so whether I know it or not I'm still responsible and I have I'm guilty of that law that that law has jurisdiction regardless of my awareness or ignorance of that loss at the Saint Paul is teaching here so when you break the law you're guilty of the law regardless of your relationship with the lock what do you know about it what you don't know about it every single one of us is guilty of disobeying and breaking God's law Romans 3 9 through 12 says for we have already charged that all both Jews and Greeks are under sea as it is written on his righteous no not one no one understands no one speaks for God all have turned aside together they have become worthless no one does good not even one so why was this so essential for Paul to communicate to the Jews what was his point why was he so careful to make sure that the Jews understood what he meant by
 the Judgment of God and the condemnation of the law first we know that the Jews had underestimated the power of the law and overestimated their ability to keep it absolutely something that happens even today with the Mormons and the Jehovah's Witness and people in the Church of Christ and people and Amish community people The Seventh-Day Adventist Community there are people definitely the Roman Catholic people that believe in a Works based salvation or a faith Plus work salvation they underestimate the power of the law and they overestimate their ability to keep it they don't turn to Christ Alone to be there a Lee and righteousness the one who can keep the law and impute his righteousness to you through faith they don't understand that but the Jews specifically really struggling with this reality I want his story and said that a common Jewish response to Christian evangelist was quote we have our law we don't need your gospel we have our law
 we don't need your gospel this is a great example of foolishness they're literally hanging on to the very thing that is going to kill them this is going to kill them not just in body but also and soul we don't need your gospel we have our Loft Romans 3:20 says for by works of the law no human being will be justified. I'm just going to say that again for my works of the law no human being will be justified James 210 tells us for whoever keeps the whole lot but fails in one point has become guilty of all of it so if you kept the law absolutely perfectly from birth which you can but from birth to 10 years old you steal a pencil and you keep a perfect until death it doesn't matter you broke the entire law and so the sight of our moral state is the start of our Salvation I'm going to die one more time the site
 of our moral State before the law is the start of our Salvation when we finally see that La following for the lawbreaker is a hopeless pursue for justification we finally look out to Mercy for the Savior we have to realize that the following for justification purposes it's a hopeless Endeavor we will never be justified by works of the law now we are to obey the law out of gratitude because of what Christ has done for us but we're not obeying the law to keep ourselves safe trip to get our self saved and so this is this is essential that we understand the purpose of the law here now this is not only instructive again for the Jews but for every moralist in every legal and every Peddler of that Faith plus Works gospel message this is you get it it's instructive for all those Christian groups that I named earlier who believe obedience contributes to their selves
 mission for the maintaining of their salvation or the actual Catalyst of the Salvation William Farley once wrote quote we enter the world in love with legalism we are convinced that we can Merit Gods favor The Flash loves duty but it resists the gospel as a result we become Morales and we believe we Merit God's favor by being good this is a deadly enemy of the Christian the moralist R Us in his own goodness virtue and principled intention to get a quote not guilty verdict from God on the day of judgment it is a rejection of the savior is a cloak over and unregenerate heart and to make it difficult to see one's true spiritual condition and quote
 so let's move down a section 22 section 2 is Paul illustrating the unbearable demand up a lot again Section 1 is this idea of the condemning power of the loss no man is going to be justified by The Works of the law now we're going to talk about the unbearable demand of the Loft first 13 Paul says again word for Ford is not the hearers of the law who are righteous before God but this contract clause but the doors of the law will be justified again remember this portion of scripture isn't some isolated statement but it's a piece of a larger presentation of the good news or the gospel or the I should even say the bad news before he presents the good news so Paul is not explaining the way of Salvation through lock keeping that's not what he's doing but he's talking about the need for salvation because nobody can keep the Loft again we know that
 we can keep the law perfectly we know that just a few paragraphs later he says for my works the law no matter be justified he's not some sort of schizophrenic idiot who's having a conversation without saying one thing and then another thing you know he's having a larger presentation of the power of the law and the unbearable demand of the Loft he's not saying be doers of a lot to save yourself that's that's not what's being said he's demonstrating an absolute Universal condemning power of the law to both Jew and Gentile does it matter who you are you will absolutely be condemned by the law you cannot carry it imagine the law is kind of like 1000 lb Boulder it will smash you if you cannot keep the entire thing it is designed to large for human beings to withstand and this is again why Paul is saying that by works of the law no man will be justified he's saying that you have to keep the whole thing if you're going to want to be saved and you can't do it
 Galatians 310 explains it's loaded further we're Paul rights for all who rely on works of the law are under a curse
 for it is written cursed be everyone who does not abide by all things written in the book of the law and do them it's the kind of a cross reference to the Old Testament of Deuteronomy 27 to 26 the emphasis is all things I can't do all of it it's a statement of impossibility it's intended to discourage you can't keep the Loft you're not going to be able to sustain your obedience it's not going to be able to you're never going to be righteous by what you do you're only going to be right by what Christ has done and so it's a weight that no man can carry essentially Paula Jews it's not enough to hear the law you actually have to keep it perfectly if you're going to be safe and you can't you can't do it it's just impossible and so he's helping them to see their own unrighteousness their own inability their own condemnation before the law it's essential that we help people see this to I can't tell you how many people
 is it there a good person they think that they were a good person they think that by some measurement of some moral law they're measuring themselves against other individuals I'm better than that guy I'm better than that individual over there I'm not a murderer I'm not a rapist I'm not a pedofile I don't steal therefore I'm good no the reality is the standard for goodness is God himself the standard for goodness is the moral law of God and nobody can keep it there for if anybody breaks even one point of it nobody can say they're good to anybody out there who thinks they're a good person you need to break them and wound them with the law because that is the only time that they're going to want the ointment of the gospel and so this is essential that we understand what Paul is doing here he's cutting off any route for escape to believe there's some sort of self-righteous possibility available to humanity he's forcing them
 see their own Doom he's showing that there's no refuge in the law and that they have to run to Christ this is what he's pushing and it's essential that we do the exact same thing when we're presenting the gospel again the purpose of the law is not to save men but appointment to the Savior okay the purpose of the law is not to save men but the point man to a savior and this is why we teach our children The Ten Commandments we want them to memorize the 10 commandments so that they can realize that they can't keep them and that they need a savior it's it's a tutor or an educator or a training up its shepherding us toward our own inability so that we would turn to the Savior Jesus Christ This is why Galatians 3 11 through 13 says now it is evident that no one is Justified before God by the law
 for the righteous shall live by faith
 but the law is not a face namely what he's saying there's the long face of two separate systems verse 13 Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us for it is written cursed is everyone who is hanged on a tree so the curse of the law is death we know that right the wages of sin is death the curse of the law is death if you eat of the tree that did Adam and Eve were instructed not to you will surely die that is the curse of God's love God's love we know that that if we eat or if they started if we send that we will perish because the wages of sin is death now the curse of the laws death and as we know Christ took on this curse for us where he died to essentially make us uncursed or if we use biblical language blessed and so you and I were Covenant Ali Kirstin Adam we were born
 Adam Adam send we were essentially in Adams don't you just for a second just got to do a little Divergence here
 if you think about this for a second in Adam
 all Humanity existed in Adam everybody came from Adam even Eve came from Adam so all people came from out of every individual person was some genetically stored up in Adam every person born who eventually had another person for Hood another person born was all stored up in Adam so when Adam sinned we all send in him in Adam and so we were a part of that that Covenant will curse on mankind the fall of mankind so when Adam fell we all fell into when Adam sinned we all send this is the whole reality of Romans chapter 5 and it's why we have to understand that sin is not just an act it's also a condition and it's a condition that we are born with a sinful nature because we are born an atom out of became a center he was cursed by God and everybody Board of him was cursed by God Covenant Ali we were going to die
 unless we were born again in Christ and so you just have to understand the Systematic Theology of what's Happening Here so again we are coming actually curse when were born doomed and Damned but now those who trust in Christ we're Covenant Ali blessed and we're tone to 4 and we're redeemed and so the idea that Paul has to extract from the moralist in the legalist in the Jew is that the law was never intended to save obedience was never intended to be the focus of a relationship of our justification yes we obey but we Obey from gratitude and love for what has been done for us we don't obey so that we can be saved or maintain our Salvation so the law was to instruct and reveal to humanity God's desire for human behavior this is good we want to know God's desire for human righteousness but it's to point us to our inability to keep it and illuminate our need for Christ that's a century
 what's being said here the 17th century Pearson preacher Samuel Bolton once said when you see that men have been wounded by the law then it is time to pour in the gospel oil very similar to what I was saying we have to afflict people with the law. So that we can heal them with a gospel that's exactly what all does and it's unfortunate that so many Christians skip out on the bad news and they just give the good news and therefore many people never repent they never understand the true gospel and as a result they're actually not born again and never saved and so this is Paul's intention with a section of scripture is afflicting them with The lethality of the law okay it's essential that we grasp this and as I said earlier the main idea of this passage is to what is to show that the law of God is intended to damn men not deliver them that's what's going on here so the application what does it mean for us how are we to live as a result of this passage of scripture
 so three things maybe for first we cannot lean on the law for any Redemptive results in the sensitive it's not going to make a justify it will sanctify us it will make us more like Christ God wants us to follow his loss but we're following his loss of the convictions of Holy Spirit therefore he gets the credit for our obedience and not us but it's not a Redemptive reality to pay the law Christ obey the law and imputed it righteousness to us and that's what a righteous not because of her own law following second we must inflict this truth to those who believe that they are good people are a good person we absolutely need to tell people that the law has condemned them and they will stand before God guilty of it if they don't trust in Christ alone as Christians we must love the law because we are free from the power of the law now we're free from the power of the law the condemning Powers a lot because we are in Christ and so we have to obey from the place of grout
 dude in love not fear or Duty and lastly we have to use the law as the Lord and as the apostles use the law which is again kind of a weapon of sobriety it's to let people see the weight the inescapable inability of the law for human behavior so that they would turn to the savior is the tool to take a men's false peace way to show them a mirror of really of their condemnation before God and ultimately it should produce repentance and redemption in the only righteous one in Jesus Christ I hope this episode this content of Romans Chapter 2 was helpful and edifying for you guys it's such an important message for the church today to learn that we need to give the bad news before we give the good news so hopefully that was edifying for you guys if you're a regular listener to real Christianity thank you guys so much
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