What Happens After We Die?
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 do you have fall asleep do you wake up in heaven do you even have a body in heaven what does the bible teach us about this important topic well we're going to pack that discussion today but before we begin I want to make two quick announcement and one is about our six-week marriage meant for program my wife Veronica and I have developed a six-week biblical marriage program at ultimate marriage.com it's a companion Ministry to relearn. Org and it's actually one of the ways that really funds the ministry that it provides financially for the ministry meeting that many couples have gone through our six-week program probably nearly 1,000 couples have gone through the program it is a great program and I'm going to explain what it is it's 6 weeks and we go over Sex and Money in the Theology of them
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 deal what does the bible actually say about what happens after death do we sleep until the Lord restores all things do we go to heaven immediately how should I settle my heart in this matter hey Kayla thanks for writing in I really appreciate your question it's actually one of the most common questions out there and you know that's why I thought it was really important to provide an answer for you so it's dark with reality if you're listening to this episode you have a brain and a heart that keeps that brain functioning right your heart pumping blood and eventually that heart and that brain will stop working and you like me will die every single person dies about 150,000 people die each day in our world in and that's about if you do
 that's about a million people per week
 about 25,000 of those deaths are under the age of twenty sixteen thousand of those twenty-five thousand deaths occur before the age of five and this isn't even including the millions of babies who are aborted every year you're just too earlier this year I had the experience of watching our four-year-old son almost died in an ambulance from a respiratory closure and that was the third time that has happened I've held him in my arms thinking that he was going to dye my hands
 are death and the death of your loved ones is the only physical guarantee that we have on Earth and it shocks me for such an absolute fact many of us are still surprised by it like that we're actually going to die a recent study shows that a group of people under the age of 30 thought about death less than 12 times per year and again I can understand why you know without the hope of eternal life the thought of death brings pure despair life becomes you know I like a cruel experience without hope of of Salvation right you know this experience with joy and love and friendship and family only two engine.
 what is a depressing idea that that is and and lie I should say
 it amazes me that that the atheist can look at their child you know and think of them as just a mass of cells in a genetic product of DNA they basically there they believe that they're purely a biological phenomenon like an empty machine made of tissue functioning on your mathematics and they've reduced the soul to science that you know the firing of neurotransmitters in the flooding of hormones and the Brain but sadly one day they're going to have to explain death to their child and how the coming together of random matter and molecules is how they were created
 and how when those molecules stop working so will they
 and that's again a sad misinterpretation of the most important truth on Earth you know one of my friends is a pastor says if you believe wrong you'll never live strong and believing correctly about the purpose of life is the central piece of Truth we need to have always say the most important thing that you can ever do is have a correct view of God and a correct view of self
 those are those two things will serve you better than anything else in this world
 the truth is we know if you're Christian are Christian and I listened to the show as I just had a crush on her which is I guess the blending of Christian wasn't her the truth cuz you and I are not simply biological matter that you were made in God's image death
 is a product of sin OK 512 says therefore just as Sin came into the world through one man and death through sin and so death spread to all men because all had sinned so when Adam and Eve were first created they had the capability to live forever but I do know they chose to disobey God and because God delivered the instructions for Morality to Adam and not Eve it was through Adams disobedient that sin entered into the world but the disease of sin wasn't isolated to just Adam right it's it was systemic and it spread by birth to all born after Adam and this is called the doctrine of original sin and is why we look at sin not as an act but as a condition
 I forget like a newborn baby is not sinless simply because they have not committed an act of sin they're born into sin this is why Paul can say in Romans 13 are Romans 311 none is righteous no not one right because we were born in Sin Sin as a condition of of our headship by Adam are federal headship we are represented by his Sin is Sin came through birth soon as the condition again not an act but later the Bible tells us and important truth in Romans 6:23 for the wages of sin so the cost that has to be paid for the price of sin is death for the wages of sin is death so death is the consequence of sin this is why everybody dies this is why
 it was an injustice for Christ to die in God resurrected him for the dead because he didn't commit a sin
 so he was resurrected right this is this is the bad news that everybody dies and the death is a consequence of sin but the good news is the second half of that verse that reads something to redo the whole verse for the wages of sin is death but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our lord so God through Jesus Christ has conquered death and Midway through his sacrifice on the cross to reconcile us to himself so he's done this by applying the punishment of arson Christ
 so the wages of our sin at that punishment of our sin has been applied to Christ and buy a tributing Christ's righteousness
 to us through repentance and fix a Wii U to actually have Christ's righteousness and forgiveness through repentance and faith that that's the gospel right at the base of the Gospel of the basic truth of John 3:16 for God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whoever believes in him should not perish but have what have you Turtle life but again that you're probably wondering okay why is this guy not answered my question what happens after we die here's what the Bible says about that for those who deny Christ as Lord they will immediately find themselves in Hell In judgment awaiting the final judgment that comes after Christ's return and we can read about that in Jude as well as Revelation the Bible further describes these people as being being cast into Eternal like a fire that's Matthew 25 Revelation or casting them into a pit or outer Darkness
 you ate or torment in Revelation I think it's 14 the talks about that but again for those who receive Christ as Lord they will find themselves immediately a glorified state in the presence of their lord Charles Spurgeon I love how he said that he put it like this he said sudden death is sudden Glory by sudden death is sudden glory and glory is another word of synonym for saying you're in heaven with your lord right you're being a glorified state but how do we know that we're going to be immediately with Christ won't there are a few verses that support this conclusion and there's probably a far greater theological study that you can do on this but I'm going to give you the basics here, and I'm hoping that I'm saying that rides at Kyla or mice and Kayla know it's it's Kyla okay good I'm doing this right so a couple of these verses that will be important for us to to go through
 2nd Corinthians 5:8 through 10 says we are confident yes will please rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord basically Paula saying if you're not here in your physical body is a Christian than your present with the Lord but you know that Paul also says that he'll be absent from his body to this means that while our body will turn to dust our souls will be with the Lord even think about Stephen in the book of Acts right that the church's first martyr knew this when he said the Lord Jesus receive my spirit is not saying received my body and my spirit I'm still receive my spirit and he says this as killers are throwing stones that would eventually kill him right so without going into much detail the Bible teaches that like Christ we will experience physical death and like
 I said we will experience a physical Resurrection a Roman 65 says for if we if we have been United with him in a death like his we shall certainly be reunited with him in a resurrection like his butt again when does that happen when does that happen first Thessalonians 4:16 says that with regard to the second coming of Christ you know what he's basically saying the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a shout you guys might have read this with the voice of an archangel and the trumpet of God and the dead in Christ will rise first so what he's basically saying there is that when Christ return comes and those who have died as Christian that our souls will be with the Lord and their bodies will be raised from the dead
 first so they're the ones that are going to get their their new resurrected bodies first prior to those Christians that are on the earth at that time and tired of them to be transferred into a glorified State the early 20th century German Theologian Eric Sauer I love this quote he captured this truth perfectly he actually said this this line quote the graveyards of men will become the seed plots of God's Garden ok so think about your body is going a graveyard down but that's actually just a seed plot because it's going to come out and resurrect into a new body according to scripture and so on the day of Christ's return to get our glorified bodies are Incorruptible bodies are sickness free bodies I can will be joined again with our souls
 and God will restore the heavens and the Earth and we will reign with Christ in our bodies in God's kingdom but again I want to leave you out just a few more verses that will tell you the support for our souls go in immediately with Christ in the presence of the Lord Philippians 1 23 through 24 says I am hard-pressed between the two my desire is to depart and be with Christ for that is far better but to remain in the flash is more necessary on your account again Paul speaks hear of death as an immediate portal to be with the Lord Luke 23 Jesus says to the thief on the cross who believes in him he says today you shall be with me in paradise and John 14 1 through 2 Jesus Comfort his disciples and he prepares he's getting ready to go to the Cross right and he knows it is going to to be murdered
 please excuse the typos but not your hearts be troubled believe in God believe in me also in my father's house are many rooms and if it were not so what I have told you that I go there to prepare a place for you so we can intercept that calmness of don't worry to be troubled I'm going to prepare a place for you
 but again at the end of the day death while it remains are our enemy it is an enemy has been conquered by Christ 1st Corinthians 15 says death is swallowed up in Victory that death has no sting for the Christian in this is help all can say in Philippians 1:21 for me to live is Christ and to die is gain can you say that can you say that can you say for meet me at to live to live is Christ but to die that's better to die is gain now I'm not going to go and die right now I'm not going to Ted to take my own life but I'm going to wait for the Lord Sovereign plan over my life because I know that to live I'm living here for Christ to fulfill the Great Commission to do the work of of God that he's laid before me but when I die man what a game that is because I could sit before the Lord in a glorified state to be in Union at that. Is that is what Paula saying
 Church of Christ basically death is has been disarmed it's been defanged and for those who have made Jesus Lord we can live in the confidence in the hope of the life to come so yes we do have an immediate promise of you die and then you boom you go to be with the Lord in a spiritual state in a state of your soul we don't understand what that'll be like we know that Paul was taking up to a second heaven in his spirit in some capacity there's a lot more to study about this but we don't have to fear that we're going to be just Anna sleeping state for centuries and centuries as we're waiting for the Lord to come back our bodies will but our spirits will not and we will yearn to be back with our bodies that is something that's scriptural and when that time comes and Lord's return we will be United again back with their bodies to live in the new Heaven and new earth with him raining in his kingdom so hopefully that helps I'm going to leave you guys with a few resources
 that you can check out again you can find these on the post page for this episode at relearn. Org this is episode number 105 it's titled what happened after we die the one is a sermon by John MacArthur and I'll have this link to the sermon you can watch on YouTube it's titled what happens when a Christian dies it's a much more you know deeply expository message the one I've offered here but it'll take you an hour to listen to it the other thing is a short 85-page book I'm actually holding here in my hand it's titled fear not death and the afterlife from a Christian perspective and that's by Ligon Duncan it's a simple book great resource if your pastor you might want to grab a copy of it just to have ready for those who are going through trials and facing death but it really does answer a lot of these have your questions about death in the afterlife
 again those resources will be available for you this is episode 105 what happens after we die guys if you are regular listen to this episode or podcast I should say I would you guys consider leaving a review you don't even need to write anything just tap the stars in the podcast app they really do help the exposure of the show they really do help further the mission of our ministry thank you guys for joining us today my name is Dale Partridge and we will see you guys again next Wednesday for another episode of real Christianity
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