Biblical Salvation and the Authority of Scripture
welcome to real Christianity a weekly show designed to help Christians know their Bible defend their faith and truly understand what it means to follow Jesus the premise is simple the culture is getting louder the church is getting flash ear but few pastors are teaching on how to live a Biblical life my name is Dale Partridge along with my incredible wife Veronica join us as we start an important conversation about what it really means to be a Christian
 welcome to real Christianity today we are talking about the local salvation and the authority of scripture so welcome guys and I'm so you guys might be hoping that this episode is going to be on the difference of Salvation theories hope i k s in her minions but that's not the case for today's episode we will touch on those topics later on in the series but for today we're going to just be discussing just the basics of the Salvation and for the next four episodes I'm going to be interviewing Dale about his new book real Christianity how to be bold for Christ in a culture of Darkness we're going to be going over about over each chapter two per episode for about 20 to 30 minutes minutes per episode hours typing a lot of hours praying personally is my opinion I think that this is your greatest work out of all the books that you've written so far as the number for for you and it's definitely
 the title British and it's definitely a Christian but but I'm excited to hear the thoughts and opinions once this book is his other people's hands excited about it guys if you're watching this on video you get a chance to even see the book hoping it is not blowing out his of lights all over it but you can see it's a very small book I do like to write short books I'm a fan of short books and so I take it you do a couple things this looks really aimed at the unspoken space
 on you know I think a lot of Chris start talking about and they've a lot of people have found themselves in this going to lukewarm place of the barrenness of lethargic Christianity I would even say Bible is Christianity were there kind of walking through their faith Journey based off of sermons not base of scripture I think I have about a lot is that they just base everything they know about God based on what they heard not based off of what they've actually read and you know basically the book was designed to confront that space between cultural and real Christianity and and let people look at the scriptures according to the Bible and examine their lives against it like wow am I actually it Christian according to scripture or have I adopted some version of Christianity that actually has nothing to do with the Bible has been
 twisted and renovated and innovated and molded and manipulated into something else and I think that's that the main the main point of the book as I said you know again I'm going to hold it up for you guys if you're watching the video it's very short it's a little over fifteen thousand words it's about the length of a long magazine article you know at like the Atlantic and take you about an hour and 20 hour and 30 minutes to read it and it's a hardcover so it's a hard case which I kind of like it. Jacketed hardcovers is a hard case it's got this really cool hard to see maybe but kind of metallic spot UV ink texture on the front of it and the inside is just it's pretty simple and terms of the layout I have you know it's nice White Pages again pretty soon if you guys have any of your other other books at similar style similar layout and it's got questions at the end of each chapter
 also created an accompanying study guide that you can pick up with it at sixty Pages it goes through every chapter I think we get way deeper in the study guide on looking at more scriptures and you can buy both of these books at real real real Aaron Church. Org forward slash RC Shopify store it's really easy gas check out we take Amazon pay we take Paypal every every single credit card it's a really easy check out and that's actually the way that best supports our ministry though it is and will be available on Amazon and Kindle on audio book and all that other stuff you just want to support us you guys can go to relearn church.org forwards are awesome okay so after the introduction in your book you open with a chapter titles belief in Christ doesn't make you Christian do you cover a few different Tapas Tapas in that shop
 but I want to take out just one you teach people that Christianity is more than merely believing in Jesus isn't that idea contrary to saved by faith alone is a good question to ask and you know that the whole conversation of Salvation is important and so you know first we have to realize that faith is different than belief and you know we sometimes when a lumps those of the same conversation Jesus's brother the Apostle James I think it's James 219 is even the demons believe and tremble well if the demons believe why they saved if its belief in faith of the exact same thing so obviously. That's a pretty good illustration but demons don't have a saving faith in Christ but they do believe in Christ at it as a good analogy your parent lets businesses that the Jehovah's Witness believe in Christ to that they don't have his necessarily a Biblical and saving faith in crisis a different Jesus the enemies are really good at that
 Korean counterfeit Jesus has to put your faith in it and so I believe alone isn't what makes you Christian faith in Christ according to scripture that does make you a question so you know we want to look at what is the scripture say in regards to Salvation so I pulled out one of the easiest verses on the topic it's Romans 10:9 it's in the book and I guess this is just one Topic in this chapter but it says Romans 10:9 that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead you will be saved and so this is a pretty important verse to Christian theology I'd say it's one of the the the main versus used for evangelism and understanding what that means so let's let's just break it down a little bit and I I talk again about this in the book but I think it's going to break it down a little more clarity here
 you confess it doesn't just mean that you're just yelling out in the crowd the Lord Jesus for Jesus is Lord. That's not necessarily what it's saying the word the Greek word for confesses home looking out and you know a couple things is it it it means to agree that means that you're in agreement that's what that the Greek word means are not having a perspective there you don't confess something that you're not in agreement with and so that's an important step to step one in the Salvation Journey or anybody is confessing that you're in agreement with what god holds to be true and you're in agreement that you need a savior you're in agreement that God sent a savior you're in agreement that Jesus is the only savior that's what confessing that Jesus is Lord is is really about I'm in that Jesus is the only way to be reconciled with God I am the way the truth and the life and nobody comes to the father except through
 when Jesus says that that confession of that green meant with that idea it is important that stuff that the beginning part of the Salvation theology here and this is where the demons fail
 right cuz they're not in agreement with what god holds to be true and I also say that this is this is not a private confession this is a public confession and it's interesting you know you know that Philippians stock those idea whether you confess it privately or publicly or you don't confess that you deny it at some point in history you will confess this and Philippians 2:1 through 11 says that at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow should Val of those in heaven and on those on Earth and of those under the Earth and that every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the father so whether whether you're you're going to confess it now or confess it later at some point history you will confess it it's going to happen and you're going to confess it in this manner that you recognize that he is Lord and that he is the way
 and so it's not talking about just saying it out loud It's A True Confession the recognition of who he is and so lastly again you don't you're not just confessing anything you're confessing that Jesus is Lord
 and that's important he's he's your master you don't make any decisions outside of of his his Council his his input you know you know his boundaries are submitted to him your own by him you're ruled by him 1st Corinthians 6 9 19 through 20 I think it's what it is talked about this idea that you know you are not your own your your butt with a price therefore glorify God with your body and your spirit which Our God's and so you know you're bought at a price and you're not around to the recognition of lordship is it's confession of an agreement with the recognition of who who Jesus is that he's a Lord I'm so so step to really is this after confession and and believing but not just believing in Jesus is Lord but also believing in your heart that God raised him from the dead
 it's fascinating that we just kind of brush over the fact that God included the resurrection in this confession and so one thing I want to point out of the heart confess with your you know I believe with all your heart right in your heart that God raised him from the dead this is a a type of belief that sincere it's not false is not fake it's not it's not just words it is from the heart exactly and sincerity and we have to recognize again how important the resurrection is to the gospel and if you read 1st Corinthians chapter 15 you can see that Paul even says Jesus didn't resurrect like none of this matters and he gives a really good taste of why none of that matters that's also why the resurrection is under attack all the time and so the resurrection is God's validation of Jesus is a Tony work on the cross when Jesus was resurrected it's God saying that I accept
 your sacrifice Jesus that's really what's being said there that the atoning works of Jesus is sufficient and the the approval of that is the resurrection of Jesus and that that's because it was just you know he he died and unjust death because he was actually perfect and so there's lots to talk about there he's this is why he's the propitiation of our sins at the Biblical word that word means to appease the wrath of God Through Blood Sacrifice that's what that word propitiation mean so you got a couple stops here that are important
 you're in agreement with him number one number two your publicly identifying with him I never three you're making him Lord and number for your bleeding in your heart that God validated you know his a Tony work on the cross through the resurrection so that's that's a good simple breakdown I think of what real salvation looks like in terms of coming to to Christ Now doesn't talk about sanctification this isn't even about being bored I can't necessarily ER Gentry generation or transformation into this stuff that comes after this process but we go through that in the book but I just wanted to hit that at least it to start
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 okay so let's talk about one topic from chapter 2 which is titled it's summer false than none or true basically you build a case that argues that either all the scriptures true or none of it is can you explain why Christians need to settle in their hearts that the Bible is completely true and completely authoritative over their life you how did you come to be saved
 the gospel her was presented to me and where did that person that Pastor get the gospel from the Bible right so this is this is what makes this question so important you see if the Bible isn't completely true then why should the gospel be true like who says that just that piece of the scriptures are true and the rest of it isn't like who gets to become the Arbiter of what's true and what's not and that's a problem to take her to cherry-pick the verses in Scripture that we like while abandoning the ideas that we don't like is absurd and I think that happens a lot today and I and this is why people take the gospel which they actually here mostly from the letters of Paul we think that we take the gospel mostly from the gospels but if you actually listen to evangelist and people presenting the gospel they're using language that comes from Paul most of the time and so the thing is
 is that Paul wrote a lot of stuff and he wrote lots of clarification on the gospel and truths about the gospel he also wrote a lot of truth about Christian Life and Christian morality and Christian Nation and so it was Paul who wrote Ephesians 2:8 through 9 which I know babe you have memorized is for by Grace you have been saved through faith and that not of yourselves it is a gift of God not of Works lest anyone should boast
 every two crucial the planet is going to agree that that verse is a universal truth in the church I don't think anybody's going to disagree with that idea people love that verse but if you just flip one page over and you land in chapter 5 of that of that same letter it says this verse that not a lot of people say a lot of people reject wives submit to your husbands as to the Lord for the husband is the head of the wife as also Christ at the head of the church and he is the savior of the body there for just as the church is subject to Christ look the wise because their own husband and everything
 and so you don't it's interesting how will take that fusions to passage totally Universal authoritative and then we just jump over and we go that's actually not for me I'm actually not going to buy into that we do that in 1st Corinthians to you know we love the love chapter 1st Corinthians 13 First Corinthians 14 talks about the first African women of the church 1st Corinthians 6 talks about sexual immorality in 1st Corinthians 5 and church discipline in and so there's there's lots of things that we just like to cherry-pick what we like and leave the rest and that's a problem
 he always this passage on marriage all of a sudden you know just to the local audience now is that not a universal truth just a local thing that's a lot of people say I was just talking to the Corinthians I was just talking to a fusion why was the first couple versus back talking to everybody there was no change in the tax it said that it was talking to the local people you know or maybe this passage is now metaphorical before you know that that's kind of what it mad but there's lots of room for an interpretation because ambiguous of what it actually means no longer authoritative but again you know we don't want to embrace the scriptures that we like and then reject the scriptures that we dislike that's a problem we have to remember that were saved by the word faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God he's so we think if I were Sanctified by the word by the word encourages Us by the word by the word the word of God Is So foundational in our
 ship with with God that any doubt in it will actually make your entire Christian experience crumble and this is why I stay in arguing the book that either all of its true or none of it's true because if if only some of its true who gets to become the Arbiter
 of what's true and what's not a person another man another woman just your emotions your experience some guy that went to Harvard for Divinity School you know what like who is I like I understand Hebrew in the creek so it's like you know what hey you're you're you're then placing your faith in that person determining what is right and what is wrong so you really have a theory that become self-destructing and you unit put in your faith from God in the man if if if not all of his troop now we do need to look at it all through contacts we do need to look at it all properly I interpreting interpreting it I would say according to tradition
 mission for the powerful I always tell people when I have a commentary of
 you know on a certain passage of scripture and I read it commentary from the 1500s the 1600s the 1700's the 1800's in the 1980s Engle one of these men interpret this verse generally the same and they've never met each other they're on different continents I just go and that's the Holy Spirit unifying the church bringing you tea through all these people have come to the same conclusion on this very you know important tax and so when that happens then all the sudden in 2019 or 2020 or whatever
 we change the interpretation the text I got to wait wait a second cuz there's like a hundred thousands of coelacanth should have never come to that conclusion what's going on and so again I want to talk about just the reliability of the scriptures that's what I spend this chapter on his is you know we did this in our marriage right when we first moved up to Oregon what was the what was the first step for us in terms of the Bible true yeah I think I would say just said that we were Christians we kind of
 where I would at a very very baby Christians and I think we just had to
 recognize or say out loud or own the fact that like do we believe what the Bible says or not is it Authority tevinter lies or not and we both agreed yes it's probably hard yes the rest to say at the time because I flush didn't like it but we did believe that and you know the next step was okay well then we need to live according to other word of God says you could really use it as an instruction manual like you can't you can totally do that again this is why theology matters and understanding the word matter so you can interpret it correctly but the reason we believe the Bible is true because the Old Testament and the New Testament declare that it's true
 Jesus declared that it was true you know what he he referenced out of all the things you reference reference most of the Old Testament books but he referenced Genesis the most he references the hard stuff like Noah and the Ark Jonah and the fish creation story Adam and Eve like he like you got to believe in Jesus and not believe in the authority scripture Jesus believe in the authority scripture it's crazy so the Old Testament and the New Testament also forgot to lie it's possible the scriptures can be broken it says another verse all these things away but my words Will Never Fade Away Jesus says 2nd Timothy 3:15 through 17 says Paul Wright of Timothy and that from childhood you have known that the holy scriptures which were able to make you wise for salvation through faith which is in Jesus Christ all scripture all of it is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for Doctrine for proof of Correction for instruction in righteousness of the man of God may be complete that man that were man is man and woman
 I quit there really are thoroughly equipped for every good work
 so can I talk about this in the chapter breaking us down with an argument that you guys need to really get down to is the word of God authoritative when I read something that I actually do it and that's an important process to go through and still I also argue in the book you know people thinks it will look weird God's been changed over the years like this is what the Mormon religion them Islamic religion and the Jehovah's Witness religion think that there is a corrupted Bible and that it's changed and that we needed to write a new Bible right that's not true either and if you go I actually I'm going to leave a link in the show notes for this episode because I watched a fantastic video that was actually had was required of viewing for one of my Seminary classes on hermeneutics
 it's titled New Testament reliability by Daniel are dr. Daniel Wallace so if you want to look it up on YouTube New Testament reliability by doctor doctor Daniel Wallace it offers a fantastic mountain of evidence on the reliability of the tax and so you guys can look at that I'm going to put the show notes if you go to relearn Church. Org forward slash listen on this episode it'll be there so hopefully again you know where to stop and just quick little snippets on the book again the book title is real Christianity how to be bold for Christ in a culture of darkness and it's just a basic book is not super complex and our hope is that you could pick up a copy and support our ministry you just go to relearn Church. Org forward slash RC
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 kind of fly-by-night Christian books that keep coming up in the next two chapters of the book and thanks for coming the journey with us we'll see you guys next week
 hey Dale Partridge here I think Christians underestimate the influence the culture can have on us I think without even noticing many of us have traded this incredible life that God wants for us for an empty counterfeit if you haven't realized the church has become comfortable with things we shouldn't be comfortable with weave normalize things in our work our marriage has our families and our finances that are not normal but the question I have for you is this what does the Bible say about what's normal what kind of life should Christians be chasing what if I told you that what's popular isn't Superior what if I told you that what seems smart isn't actually right what if I told you that the worldview of this is actually God's definition of failure
 the Bible says that the wisdom of this world is foolishness to God so what if we're doing it wrong what if the lives of those who followed Jesus look more like the culture than like Christ what is the life were so desperate to have isn't something to seek after but actually to be saved from I answer these questions in my latest book saved from success how God can free you from cultures Distortion of family work and the good life it's a short convicting bold book get your copy in hardback or audiobook at relearn church.org success again that's relearn Church. Org forward slash success
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