Romans 3:25b-26: The Justice and Justification of God
in this episode of real Christianity I confront a topic that modern Christians have avoided the justice of God however when Christians understand the justice of God they can better appreciate the mercy of God it's here that we deep gospel theology that'll lead you to reverence and worship so get ready to talk about all that and more coming up right now
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 compromised on the truth so please keep us in prayer this year as we fight to bring Christians in the church back to the Bible okay let's get started on this episode on Romans
 wow what a great book we have been able to get through together and we're not that far to ending chapter 3 and diving into chapter 4 Romans 3:23 26 is really the magnum opus of the Bible as I said before the doctrine of these versus is really like the son of the biblical solar system everything really revolves around them another way to say it is that the whole bible really anticipates this section of scripture and for that reason I want to give special attention to what's being taught in the SEC in the scripture if you can comprehend and retain what's being taught here in these vs. it's not only going to help you through the Maze of theological confusion that can happen out there as a Christian but it's also going to help you through the spiritual doubt in questioning that's pretty common in the church today so I hope these verses are
 peace and hope to your life now for the past three chapters we watch Paul eliminate any Redemptive hope in righteous works or the works of the law. He doesn't want anybody to believe they can justify themselves before God by works at the lot and his aim is really to leave anyone both Jew and Gentile with a sense of Despair he wants them to have this kind of inward view that they're they're not possible to make themselves right before God by themselves and he wants them to search for an outward help and that's exactly what he's doing he's pointing them to Christ after he's absolutely leveled the playing field and really
 ripped out any false hope that they might have had in justifying themselves by obedience or by works of the law or by spiritual life or whatever it may be and so Paul did this by talking first about the impartial jurisdiction of the law he talks about every person on Earth will be held accountable to the standard of the law every one of us who has broken The Ten Commandments will be found guilty even if you only broken one of them will be guilty of all of them and so he he tells us over and over the demands of law cannot be met by man's works and it once we've sinned with essentially become guilty and we need at this point some way to be found righteous again we need to be forgiven we need our debt to be paid for this is all obviously accomplished in the gospel I think about James 2:10 that says whoever keeps the whole lot of fails in it at one point is guilty of all of it
 and this is a passage where you think if you think you're a good person you could send one time you're not a good person you have failed to meet the righteous demands of the law means that you are not good but bad according to God's standard of righteousness and you will need to have somebody die for your sin not really the gospel right somebody has to die that's the wages of sin is death and somebody needs to die and in some reason pay for that sinned in order for God to achieve Justice and so ultimately Paul like Jesus use Allah magnifier we saw that he doesn't want anyone to have a sense that they're capable of keeping the law he doesn't want us to have a low view the law that a hide or the law a law that we cannot keep the law that we cannot conform to because it's not just a lot of actions it's a lot of thought as well if you have evil thoughts if you lust in your heart it's you're still breaking the law even
 you don't actually commit adultery and so most importantly we saw clearly that Paul is conveying man Central need to be found right this is this is the central reality for all Humanity at all times it's the number one question that should be asked by anyone how does man find righteousness before God and he points to our need to acquire an alien righteousness we need a righteous that's not of our own that comes from Jesus Christ the only one who did keep the law who met the righteous requirements of the law and also died on the cross to paying for the price of our sins and essentially securing the justice of God in the Cross of Christ and so
 this is exactly what Paul talks about in Romans 3:21 to 1:40 but now the righteousness of God has been manifested apart from the law although the law and the prophets bear witness to it the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ for all who believe until righteousness is obviously found in Jesus Christ Alone Now the previous episode on Romans we talked about Romans 3:23 through 25 again you can break up a verse by if it's got a, sometimes a pastor will break up a verse I put in a b or c there but it says quote for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God being justified as a gift by his grace to the Redemption which is in Christ Jesus who God displayed publicly as propitiation in his blood through faith and in the short passage of scripture if you remember the previous episode Paul explain really the grounds of our Salvation And how that worked the mechanics of Salvation you give us the rationale for why face
 in Christ is sufficient to save us and he argued around those three actions they are justification Redemption and propitiation and he argued that the app, almost like a years in a clock that all three of them work together to accomplish the goal and if you lose one of those elements you're not going to achieve the end result and so Paul tells us that this is how salvation is accomplished according to scripture and so essentially I'm going to give you just a little bit of a breakdown cuz I broke it down before but just this is what he was saying God has Justified Sinners as Guiltless
 as a gift right through what through the work list means of faith we know that say is most most clearly manifested in rest so God has Justified Sinners as Guiltless as a gift for the worthless means of Faith which is our justification he can do this because Christ who kept a lot perfectly as redeem Sinners seen through what through his own blood his death his life we know and lettuce and talks that life is found in the blood when blood spills likes spills and so he's redeemed Sinners he purchased us back through the blood payment that was accomplished on the cross which is redemption so we had justification we have Redemption and then that this Blood payment and death of Christ has satisfied the wrath of God against Sinners and his need for justice and that is
 situation which is appeasing the wrath of God through blood sacrifice and so justification by Faith Redemption by Blood and propitiation by death that's essentially the three things that really rounds us of why we can be saved in the gospel 1st Peter 3:18 says for Christ also suffered once for sends the righteous for the unrighteous that he might bring us to God being put to death in the flesh but being made a live in the spirit operates as our substitute he dies the death of we deserve and he gives us the righteousness that we did not sure but that he turned as a result through our face and so today section which is quite the illogical we're going to learn the Reason God has structured The Plan of Salvation in the particular way that he did you're going to find out that this reason is at the center of God's work it's really a defense of his righteousness it's the ultimate driver behind everything that
 does we have we have to run fast and how God's righteousness is connected to his glory because he does everything to protect his glory and to serve his glory and his righteousness really is anchored together or handcuffed together to the glory of God is not right as he is not glorious and so we're going to read our texts today which is Romans 3:21 through 23 passes were discussing but just to give you the context Romans 3:21 through 26 it says but now apart from the law the righteousness of God has been manifested being witnessed by the law and the prophets even the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ for all who believe there is no distinction for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God being justified as a gift by his grace through the Redemption which is in Christ Jesus who got displayed publicly as propitiation in his blood through faith yours or text this was to demonstrate his righteousness because in the forbearance of God
 cast Over The Sims previously committed for the demonstration I say of his righteousness at the present time so that he would be just and the justifier of the one who has faith in Jesus okay so the first and primary reason that we see in this text and God is structured The Plan of Salvation in this way is to demonstrate his righteousness to all who may have doubted God's Integrity regarding Justice we know that God is a god of Integrity because he punished sin on the cross never going to get there but righteousness is a term that has to do with moral Purity it's a tournament dead in the Greek Duke I assume it's a great word with Rich meaning it's a term that assert straightness or something that's upright God is wholly and completely righteous part of being righteous is also being just a par
 this is also being just God cannot simply overlooked sin so God doesn't just forgive people because he loves them know he can't do that because he would not be fulfilling his righteous requirement for justice you can have a good judge Overlook a crime because if he did that he wouldn't be morally upright and straight he would essentially be a crooked judge and so God is straight he is has Integrity he is righteous and he's not going to compromise on his Justice to accomplish his mercy and so the same is true here in this passage of scripture that God is not going to Simply pronounce the unrighteous righteous because of Love do he must punish sin to maintain his Justice and this is like and what we talked about the grounds of Faith decreased justification and blood and redemption in death of propitiation this is he's doing all these things to protect his Justice the
 things are required which again protects his glory and so will Paul saying here is that to demonstrate God's perfect righteousness God provided a way essentially to save Believers in Christ while also demonstrating his Justice at the same time it's a beautiful Paradox that we're going to talk about later in this message that essentially we find the justification of sinners in the punishment of Christ and so it's a beautiful expression of the Gospel want the Illusion by not allowing the sins of Believers from Adam to Christ to be left forever unpunished but by now placing them upon Christ God has demonstrated that he was is and forever more just because of the death of Christ in the public spectacle of his wrath toward sin on the cross God can remain just when he declared righteous the one who believes in Jesus and quote until this quote is a bit of a primer
 for the upcoming verse that we're going to be here in a section and your Paul is speaks to the grounds of why why God needed to demonstrate his righteousness why did God need to demonstrate his righteousness which we know was too publicly vindicate himself that he will not overlooks in Forever in the sense that from from our perspective as man as man we were wondering from Adam to Christ is God overlooking sin what what's happening there no God made it clear that he's not overlooking sin and faxed it is so serious that Christ will go and pay for the sins of the world the sinless for the center and so he says in this next verse that we're going to be here it is because of the forbearance of God he passed over the Sims previously committed suicide about the sins that were committed between Adam and Christ and gods for Barrett's he passed over those sins previously committed and Paulding says for the demonstration I say of his righteousness at the present time and that is
 time of the Cross and so if it it seems that by God's postponed Justice toward sinners from out of the Christ then it made God unrighteous or lacking Integrity ultimately God revealed that Justice will be served in the way of Salvation will be through faith in Jesus Christ we demonstrate his righteousness and three ways and I'll tell you that real quick here and fallen short of the glory of God we know that we read that the passage of scripture and as a result all will stand before God on Judgment Day according to the demands of the lot we know that we made that clear in the gospel the second thing you need Clarity demonstrates that all who have sinned and received Christ by faith will have their sins justly paid for the not going to just be overlooked know they will be paid for by Christ on the cross as a substitute and third he demonstrates that all who have sinned and rejected Christ will pay for them to their sins themselves in exactly you reject the gospel you will pay for your own sins
 this is John 1248 Jesus says quote the one who reject me and does not receive my words as a judge the word that I have spoken will judge him on the last day so ultimately and the revelation of the Gospel the revelation of Jesus Christ it's made clear that God is Not slack to execute his Justice upon Sinners according to the law and he's not unrighteous us to overlook the sins of his people he never was he was forbearing he was patient as we were he was waiting for the dispensation of time to reveal the gospel on the cross with a birth Ministries death Resurrection Ascension of a son but the demands of the of the broken law were paid for on the cross of Acts 22 to 23 men of Israel listen to these words Jesus the Nazarene a man attempted to you by God with Miracles and wonders and signs which God performs threw him in your mitt just as you yourselves know this man Jesus Christ delivered over by the pier
 determine plan and foreknowledge of God you nailed him to a cross but the hands of Godless man and put him to death and quote okay what does that mean right at Lee on the cross all the sin of God's people will be paid for all the sins of the world because if someone who wasn't God's person God's man of God's woman if their sin was paid for then they would have no guilt but know God's people their sins will be paid for we know that you know the Gabriel the angel Gabriel says you shall name him Jesus he will save his people from their sins this idea that God of the Jesus comes and pays for the sins of everyone now when the scripture says that in a particular way he's talking about his not paying just for the sins of the Jews persons from people from every tribe nation and tongue and so we know that just logically he's a toning for the sins of his people
 and that's why in the doctrine of the doctrines of Grace the L for the Tulip acronym what you might know is Calvinism LS limited atonement that the atonement is limited its limited to the people who actually are saved because if God of tones are Jesus Christ tones for everybody the whole world than the name of a dilemma there where you have someone who is has their sins atone for it is still going to hell no he he he pays for the sins for his people for those who will believe it's so for the Old Testament Saints the came before the cross who had faith in the coming Messiah their sins were reputed to price on the cross securing it justification Redemption 2 propitiation for them they were saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ just like we are on the other side of the cross for those that are in the New Testament Saints like us who have faith in the Messiah who came our sins were imputed to Christ on the cross securing justification
 appreciation I were saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ is just the same and so LS Schaefer says quote the basis of Salvation in every age is the death of Christ and the requirement for salvation in every age is Faith for those living under the old Covenant it was faith in God for those living under the New Covenant and its faith in Christ in other words no matter when a person has lived their salvation is always dependent on both the work of Christ and faith in God and quote another the alleged explains it this way quote it makes no difference with God whether he's safe sitters before or after the crossed the cross is any Turtle fact in the Reckoning of God of course the cross had to come for a righteous God cannot pass by sin eternally it had to be paid for eventually in time ultimately the cross not only exonerated God from the charge that he passed by sin before the crucifixion but also demonstrated that when he declared a bleeding Center righteous he maintained his
 business through perfect Justice and quote powerful right so you're trying to get a little bit of grass with the context to hear that God is vindicating himself by the gospel that he is not passing over soon but he's upholding to maintaining his Justice on the cross it is absolutely seen that sin is is worthy to be punished to the most extreme consent that you actually send his son God In the Flesh to be punished for it on our behalf that's the seriousness of scent do in the gospel God Reveals His Plan of Salvation of humanity in in doing so he essentially demonstrates that no sin will ever go unpunished it'll either be laid upon the Savior or it'll be laid upon the center but no sin will go unpunished and so Paul says that God does this so that and I'm reading scripture now so that he would be just and the justifier of the one who has faced
 in Jesus what a beautiful statement so in this the statements in theology is often called it the Glorious Paradox it's where you you don't expect to find something here that you find in that this is just a beautiful thing God has found a way to execute perfect Justice upon soon as seen in his report out of the Cross while at the same time securing Justice for Sinners for the one who has faith in Jesus it's it's it's really a paradox in one single act God essentially becomes the executor of justice and the justifier of the executable it is it's like accomplishing two opposite things in the same thing in the same moment that's really what happens at the cross it's the very explanation of 2nd Corinthians 5:21 with says quotes for our sake that's believing Center for our sacred God made price to Beeson who knew no sin so that in Christ centered might become the righteousness of God and quote
 Billy in the Justice of God we find the Salvation of Sinners just like say that for a second I want you to sit on this tape and for a second in the Justice of God at the cross we find the Salvation of Sinners this is like the exact that you would not expect to find the Salvation of sinners in the Justice of God but this was accomplished through Christ and only through the gospel it's essentially like finding light in the darkness cave on Earth it's the last thing that you would expect it it's absolutely what shows the wonderful beautiful character of God and so at the cross we see perfect Justice and perfect love Collide and I said the previous message we when we understand the Master Plan of Salvation when we grasp what God has done on the cross for us we can finally grasped the force of beauty of versus like Romans 8
 3334 that's who she'll bring any charge against God's elect it is God who justifies who is to condemn you just think about that God has put together this incredible Plan of Salvation to accomplish salvation for his people nobody can bring a Condom Nation toward his people there is no condemnation for those who are now in Christ Jesus our this is this is a powerful statement Charles Spurgeon one set of this passage quote My Hope lives not because I am not a sinner but because I am a sinner for whom Christ died my trust is not that I am wholly but that being Unholy he is my righteousness my faith rests upon not what I am or Shelby or feel or no but in what Christ is and what he has done and in what he is doing now for me on the lion of Justice the
 are made of Hope rides like a queen and quote we know Spurgeon is just beautiful with words he is a master of words and I love that last line on the line of Justice the Fair Maid of Hope rides like a queen so I hope this episode was helpful and you understanding of the biblical expositional meaning of this passage of scripture that's my hope with this podcast obviously we talk about other things besides just verse by verse Exposition but as we go to Romans I think if Christians can understand Romans we can understand the gospel and unfortunately the vast majority of Christians don't have a grasp on gospel fluency or theological and physical literacy and so we have many people who live week impotent Christian live because they don't understand the true that are found here roaming so my hope is that you stick around for this journey and that we can continue to edify you on this experience of
 Romans that you would understand the gospel and that your theology as it goes deeper that your praise will go higher and so thank you for joining me on this episode of real Christianity my name is Dale Partridge and I'll see you next time
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