How to Protect Your Kids From Transgenderism with Dale and Veronica Partridge
welcome to a special edition of real Christianity which is special because my wife is back on the show she used to be on the podcast for I don't know two years or so yeah probably in about 2 years ago yeah we did a series originally started the podcast as ultimate marriage and then shifted it to real Christianity after maybe 80 episode of something and so we're back and she's only back for this one episode we're going to be talking about my newest kids book Jesus in my gender and she volunteered cuz she was so excited to get back on camera to interview me on this, okay
 we hope that we do this conversation and so she even wrote some questions and buy she I mean Brittany Rosen questions if Ron is going to ask me about this topic so we're going to talk about Jesus my gender and you're going to learn about that and if you want to order it at any point you can go to relearn. Org forward slash gender you can also watch this episode if you're listening to it you can see Veronica and her beautiful orange dress and say hi to us digitally that way if you'd like to instead of just leaving an emoji waving can ask questions and I will answer them gold let's go for it okay we're just going to hop right in thanks for having me back on the show Dale first question where did you get the idea for the book Jesus in my gender that there was a lack of resources around the topic of transgender is in which obviously we're seeing even this morning we were talking about how Matt Walsh is really hitting this issue hard
 there was a lack of resources there's there's so many individuals out there that are needing answers to hard questions asked these parents that are going my child is being confronted with this content that school their friends are changing their gender transfer is being taught in the public school system they're seeing bathroom signs that have the cross-gender you do like the half man half woman half dress kind of Icon and so these conversations are coming up getting kind of hit from every angle yeah I think I saw some stat that was saying that by the age of five children will have over a thousand instances of sexual perversion and so they're going to see that just in public especially if you live in like a big city or if your opinion of your kids are Maybe on YouTube or on the Internet those things kind of slipped in TV commercials TV shows
 it's just everywhere and so we are at a point in the church where Christian parents need resources to not necessarily build an apologetic against the transgender and transvestite the movements but really to affirm biblical gender and roles for their boys and girls and so we wanted to create a resource that was well-designed I mean I think that I hope if you're not new here that you learned that we really care about design over at relearn and so everything we do we try to do well and so we wanted to read a good book with great illustrations Brad Smith was the illustrator of the project and he worked really hard to make the illustrations fun he's a professional illustrator working with some of the biggest publishing houses around and so the great illustrations in the night I'm in a rhyming book right it's really fun for younger children in a little kids preschool age younger Elementary really love that rhyming it helps
 developmentally with there with the way that they learn better I don't know why like we read that Pilgrims Progress Book it was a full rhyming book a Pilgrim's Progress and that was fun to read I don't know what maybe it's just me that I like Ronnie books so that was a great opportunity to write this book in a run run away but again we just wanted to offer tools and resources to affirm biblical gender to your boys and girls a strong offense is the best defense if that makes sense you know for example I love having a really beautiful lawn now I don't get to do that here in Arizona but an organ rocks guy in Oregon I was the lawn guy I like an acre of grass that I would be almost the kind of guy that would get out there with scissors but not that far and the best the best defense is a good offense meaning to the best defense is is to have
 Play Strong Grass kills weeds and so the same thing is really strong identity and their biblical gender actually will fight against any deeper version of it and so that's the attempt for for this book what is the goal behind writing this book I want to see parents have a sense of confidence and normalcy of affirming these kind of shrews and their kids I don't want them to feel like they're there's almost like a sense of if you're talking about these things you're mean for your unloving to know that this is it is loving your children discipling them teaching them to train them up in the admonition training of the Lord I just put out something on social media that rejecting trans theories a great way to love your neighbor and playing into people's delusions is a great way to hate your neighbor
 and this is true even with our own children it's a great way to love your children is to teach them what is true about who they are God doesn't make mistakes there is no opportunity or chance that a boy is stuck into a girl's body because God doesn't make those mistakes he made his male and female and so the goal is to really affirm children and who they are and by giving them a vision of who they are helping your little boys and your little girls see not just what they are as little boys but what they will become as men and women giving them Vision yes so the goal at the goal is to set brightness the parents that get to feel prepared and equipped and affirmed that it is good and right and true to teach these things to your children even if we're living in a culture that says that's unloving or mean and then it's also for the children so that they would feel confident
 and rest in the gender that the Lord has given them and have no doubts and have no concerns about that but actually be excited to be a boy and be excited to be a girl and be excited for what that means for the future okay so how have you and I but this is an interview cure towards you how have you navigated these topics of transgenderism things like that with our own children our kids are pretty young we don't necessarily open up the entire canister on the topic where we're giving them details of what is really going on but what we have done is consistently given them a definition of vision for who they are and so you know you find me
 Austin talking to Aria about praying for her future husband and praying for her to have many children and that would be a blessing to her and that would be a blessing to us as grandparents and and same with our boys you know you know honorable sometimes run around and I want 10 kids around 15 kids or whatever and just nurturing an appetite for the traditional family and nurturing that desire for those things and we do I would say overemphasize masculine traits and feminine traits in our kids mini that we kind of play them up a bit you know if if Ballard jumps off of the you know the fence it's like awesome I'm so glad that you did that that man that's so cool you're so strong and brave and courageous to do things like that
 she looks good no stress today and I said that's great honor you always want to compliment women cuz they're so beautiful and so we're kind of accentuating and magnifying these masculine and feminine traits within our kids I don't know what do you have to say on that I think our kids living in the area that we do kind of mentioned earlier how some people are a little bit more exposed to the others because of the areas that we've lived in or that they've lived in we recently had a couple move here from Florida and I was like what's been the biggest difference obviously Arizona is very different than Florida and she said honestly I think just how much in your face like just the West is compared to the east coast like it's just rainbow Flags everywhere in signs everywhere and the people you actually see it in front of yours like we just don't really see that were particularly where they lived in Florida and I was like oh yeah I like kind of normal for us because
 don't I grew up in Southern California and we lived there for most of our life and then we lived in Oregon which I think everybody kind of knows a reputation that Oregon has we lived there for seven years and then now we in Arizona and where were in Sedona which it's a very dark sorceries dark place and and so yeah our kids have been at the grocery store with me and his seen an employee that was born a man and is dressed like a woman and it's evident intended as a man dressed as a woman and they've actually come to the point where I have you know I get to the checkout line and I'm like oh no it was what I was going to say right now and you can tell that my older to just kind of like our observing but they didn't say anything and then we leave when we get in the car and honor honor our son our oldest son he's six cuz Mom we need to pray for that man was like you're right we do we do need a favor
 Batman and they just they recognized right away that that something was not right and so yeah I just often remind them like we know we don't get to be rude or aggressive are mean to them but we do get to pray for them we get to share the gospel with them and Lord willing to open their eyes to their sin and they repent and come to him the thing about the gospel is it when we find our identity in Christ and we actually can trust that we have a good and Sovereign God who is created us intentionally for good works for the purpose of his will even if our feelings or emotions are contrary to what is true we can rest in in Christ and rest in God and and that's the reality of the gospel and what we need to constantly reaffirm our children is that the gospel can take the darkest the most Grievous perversion or Distortion and actually make
 and actually restore it to being right you know any people that in this world that have statements like I was born this way and that that is generally a pretty common response from individuals in that Community we often say well I was born broken too I was born with a desire for sexual perversion or for anger or hatred or for wickedness I was born that way too and that's why I needed to be born again you're right and so that conversation is is important of communicating to your children that it's not about you can't persuade these individuals in to correct thinking that they're actually needs to be they don't need to be better than need to be made new and the only way someone's made new is the gospel and so it's a delicate process of working through and teaching your kids by demonstrating examples of how that would actually work out but I think more more parents are getting
 opportunities every day because they're running into them at the grocery store and every where they're going so let's move on to that I want to talk about Veronica before she stopped answering questions that I haven't asked you yet that aggressively I just said you said it's going to take as long as you think that it's going to take me because I talk a lot and I said well the issue with you talking a lot is it you generally jump ahead of me and answer questions that I had planned on asking but then I get to them in like hopefully we don't run into that but anyway what age range is this book targeted for
 I think 3 to 10 I mean it's at 10 is pushing it I'd say maybe like eight or nine has been around she's going to be 9 and she's she's an artist so she's enjoying watching art be developed for the sand and I can you read can you read me your book and and so I think that she's already established as a couple special touches in the art right there are several instances where I have integrated our children or our family into the illustrations of the book or just kind of things about our family some of the illustrations and artwork in San Francisco or San Francisco Giants fan you will be angry because there is a Dodgers pennant in the
 it in one of the rooms in there so there's some small things like that is kind of fun
 this book will be formative for children between the ages of three and seven I think that if you're hoping for these things to be formative in 8 9 and 10 year olds I think it'll be helpful and another ingredient to the Masterpiece recipe that you're producing of biblical thinking and physical world you going to be a helpful addition to that but but these conversations people need to happen young I think you were just reading with the ladies Mama Bear apologetics and I know one of the kind of topics topics are themes of the book is parents need to be the first to talk about these things like you don't want your kids to be addressed on these matters before you had a chance to communicate when they might be addressed by a peer who has two moms at your dad's just for Oregon
 world you or someone who's actually aggressive and intending to pervert or distort your child and so we need to be younger than we were apart for a generation like that may be the earliest was Junior High and then high school was like oh I actress actually gay people around like that was like five in my high school for 5,000 people you know it's just it was not nearly as prevalent as it nobody had to talk to me about transgenderism cuz it wasn't what it was so absurd that that you know they called these people at that time when I was a kid transvestite so they called them crossdressers you know it was such a
 insanely distant idea of reality that it didn't need to be really didn't and so we're almost shocked in this generation to go really going to talk to my four-year-old about this
 and unfortunately because you're going to bump into somebody at the grocery store you already have your it is wise to talk to them now again talk to them about it doesn't mean opening up the entire bag and throwing them in there and letting them see all the dark elements of it all but it does mean building that offense never the office has pieces of what their maturity level can handle okay how do you hope this book will help parents navigate the subject without exposing them like you just said to the full weight of the Distortion of gender world I stopped myself just so you know from answering this question in advance because I knew it was coming and I didn't want to play into your projected hey I know you you don't want to bring them all the way in to the deep end of the
 Google on this matter regarding homosexuality regarding transgenderism regarding pornography you don't want to take them too deep to fast you need to be willing to have the conversation maybe there's a book about Hunter. If you think it's like a good images bad images or something like that that we raised fears that pictures junior something like that and so it does take tact and wisdom on how far you go and based off of the individual child's maturity level and so for this book we we didn't go super far the de farthest page we went with is that we we had does a picture of a of a boy and a girl on the left and right hand side of the page and string across both sides of the landscape of the entire spread is a handful of crayon drawings
 of heads and bodies and it shows a head of like a cat with like a mermaid's body and it's crossed out it's like that's that can't happen right and then it's like a picture of a man face with a mustache and like a woman's dress like that can't happen that you know the kids realize that that's that's not right you know it it's kind of playful and then you know a woman's face and like a guy like muscle flexing would like a six pack in the like o that that's not that's not right. That's as far as we've gone and there's really not even a a verbalized condemnation of that in the book but it does visually present like you can point out like that like how honor did at the grocery store like he doesn't really know the deep end of what's going on that he needs something was not right I mean even yesterday we're away from where we currently live about an hour away and we stopped to get lunch
 we went inside and we came back out we get in the car and on her again because Mom I saw something inappropriate in there and I said what was it and he said Will Jim guy was on his phone and I just saw a girl dancing and he died but I turned my eyes away I didn't look and he just again like how that conviction already at 6 years old have been like okay like that wasn't right I'm going to not look at that and he still communicated that to me when we got in the car and I just I don't know hey like I'm really proud of you for doing that I'm not mad at you like you can't control sometimes all the things that your eyes are going to see but you can make the choices to what you're going to continue to see in which you're not going to continue to see this is just the result of constantly upholding a Biblical view of modesty a Biblical view of what our bodies are to be protected their for our spouses and we teach that even to our kids and Anakin very easy ways General
 this right now and as I get older they get more specific when you have boys and girls cuz they've got brothers and sisters and so it's like the boys know that if their sister is changing or something to not be trying to mess around with her and pop their heads in her room is actually pretty strict boundaries very helpful things about girls by using the Dynamics of the home like a brother and sister relationship and so so yes we we don't want to expose them too much you get to as apparent as they get older to bring more more clarity the one thing about this book that we did as we put scripture verses throughout the entire every page has scripture verses we also included a kid's catechism on gender five questions and answers at the end there really a kind of a firm of the biblical truth throughout the book and you can memorize any pretty quick-like probably in one day your kids can memorize it but we want you guys to go through it several times just to help a firm that
 I want to say one last thing is it the whole idea of the best defense is a good offense the same thing is true you guys if if you been to the church for any. Of time before this analogy because it's just a Christian thing that many pastors have done but it's our best detected by the FBI by those agents not because the agents have been studying counterfeits they're actually don't study counterfeit they study the real thing and so that when a counterfeit arises they spot it. I think what's happening even with our own children is that when you affirm them in biblical identity in truth about men and women about the family about the purpose of the family about the joy and excitement envisioned and future of marriage and family and and God's intentional design for that and his glorification that comes through that when you teach those things and then a counterfeit is
 presented it becomes obvious to a child and so again our generation didn't have to affirm us or our parents that to be a boy is it it's a boy thing to be girls girl thing and that you guys are going to get married one day and you're going to have children like that is you know I even wrote the introduction to the parents and I wrote this book would have seemed absurd to almost every generation prior to us it's sad that this book even has to be written but it does and it's a fun way to affirm those truths and I think it gives parents a blueprint of how to do so and will probably give you a bunch of other ideas while you're reading it but then they can at least start some conversations with your with your older child you know that's maybe not necessarily really Desiring rhyming books as much but you can maybe be reading it to their younger sibling and then it's Sparks a conversation with your older child
 well they'll can we expect any children's books from you in the future other children's books in the future I had a blast doing this book I am working on a catechism for kids I think unfortunately our generation of Christian parents were not catechized and I think very few yeah I think it's because that word has been so deeply associated with the Catholic church is that the Protestant Church basically was like no we're not going to do that catechism stuff and so many of us don't even know the systematic tenants of the faith so I want to I think this generation is changing that we are realizing that we need to have strong biblical rooted Christian kids that are Anchored In God's design and this tool which is again kind of another offense makes the best defense
 is strengthen your kids in biblical Doctrine and I'm putting together a catechism called Simple theology that's 100 questions it's broken down into three levels so that every question has three levels of answers for little kids medium age kids all the way up to like the oldest one you know might be for 12 year olds but it's fine for adults to you don't understand Theology and you're just kind of getting into that I think it would be really helpful for adults just trying to understand basic theology does category that we have a seeds sprouts and vines that we call them so your little seedlings are your little ones and have easier answers to the same question then your sprouts for little bit older and then your Vines are your your older kids and and so it's a pretty big project because the illustrations need to be I'm trying to do hand-drawn illustrations that are beautiful
 classic nice high-quality book and so it just takes a lot done but it's going to take probably another 6 months before that even actually ready to buy but I think parents are chomping at the bit to get that because they they want a good resource that's not overwhelming and so yes so simple theology is coming out but for Jews my gender if you guys want to pick up a copy and it would be really a blessing to our ministry because the book sales really fun to everything that we do I don't make any more money but we don't make any more money when a book sells so all of the money from the book sales go to the ministry and you can pick that up at relearn. Org forward slash gender and it'll be available if you're listening to this real time we are printing them right now so we print ain't working several thousand copies
 over I don't know if it's over but it's close to 2,000 people pre-order the book and it'll be printed in our hands by end of November early December 2022 and will be available to ship for this Christmas and so if you want it for Christmas if you wanted to give to somebody else or Christmas or which I think people should do is get it and put it in their local library a lot of towns have those little give a book take a book or did you like a neighborhood there's one at a park here like by a few copies and stick them in there how do you get books in your library you can you just drop off book there's like a board or something like that I don't know if I got approved the books but I might be a little bit more difficult unless you know somebody that's inside but for your church is Library you can take it to your church put it in your church is labor for the kids Ministries or whatever they're there
 but we just want to get this book out so you can get that at relearn. Org forward slash gender and would love to send you a copy so thanks for being with us thanks for joining Veronica Reed debut to the internet and podcast you guys can just have two stars to leave a review you don't even need a ride anything but if you do leave a review it will be very helpful for our ministry a lot of people find us because of the reviews cuz we have 6,000 Plus reviews and apple and Spotify put us high up on the search because of those reviews so we're review is a really great way to support a Ministry on that. My name is Dale Partridge this is Veronica Partridge this is real Christianity and we will see you guys next week thanks guys
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