Why Every Christian Must Share the Gospel
in this episode of real Christianity I talk about our brand new gospel project mail the gospel. Org but more than that I talk about the three reasons ninety percent of Christians don't share the gospel and what you need to do to change that so stay tuned as we look to scripture and learn about our Christian duty to evangelize all that and more coming up right now
 welcome to real Christianity my name is Dale Partridge today's episode is Tyler why every Christian must share the gospel now as you know this show is an audio and video ministry of relearn. Org if you're watching a video recording of this episode please be sure to subscribe or follow up for more biblical content if you're listening to an Apple podcast Google play or Spotify again thank you for your faithfulness are you can also follow her Ministry just about every social media platform and we would love to have you on that Journey as you know there are not many Christians are any Ministries really in the public eye that are committed to biblical truth but we are attacked last week I posted an important post giving both the history and the foolishness of the Gay Pride rainbow flag movement are you confused that on our Instagram account or handle is at relearn HQ let's go ahead and dive into today's episode I want to start us off with a three passages of scripture the Great Commission as we're going to begin in Matthew 28 18 through 20 it says
 go therefore and Make Disciples of all Nations baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you and behold I Am With You Always even to the nbha okay we're going to be reading this passage of scripture as well as a two more so just stay with me here Mark 16:15 shorter version of the Great Commission it says and he said to them quote go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation and quote the next one is going to be from Romans really looking at the gospel a duty from the perspective of Paul so it's Romans 10 13 through 15 it says for everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved
 how then will they calling him and whom they have not believed and how were they to believe in him and whom they have not heard and how are they to here without someone preaching and how are they to preach unless they are sent as it is written how beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news that we know that just a few verses later and Romans 10:17 it says for faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of Christ we know that the gospel is the the Midwife to New Birth right it's the it's the means of Salvation that's the reason that Paul said he's not ashamed of the gospel because it's the power of God unto salvation for everyone who believes this is vital that we understand the seriousness of the Gospel now I've noticed that a lot of people struggle with sharing the gospel because they forgot what it's like to be lost they forgot what it's like to live like the world to feel like the world to do what the world does to to walk and behave
 it hurt harmful and hurtful ways to to be addicted to have problems of you know whatever it may be in bed thinking about just about everything we have forgotten what it feels like and what it is like to be lost and that's why we have diminished our desire to seek the lost like cry 6 the lost and so right now the statistics are that ninety percent of Christians don't share the gospel only 10% of Christian share the gospel with another person once per year now what that means is a lot of people share their testimony a lot of people share their faith a lot of people share a Bible scripture a lot of people talk about Jesus but those things are good but they are not the gospel we need to actually be committed to What's called the bad news good news gospel we have to remember that the good news is so only so good because the bad news is so bad and we need to be willing to share the bad news because without the bad news you won't want
 goodness it so people need to hear the bad news or the bad news is that we were born Sinners we are born Sinners and we're born Sinners that send is not just an act it's also a condition and we all learn how to send we're bored with this condition too soon and the wages of sin is death and somebody needs to die for our sin according to scripture in the reason we've sent it because we've broken God's law and God's laws in the Ten Commandments and and nobody's been able to keep it nobody can keep it that's the reason we tell our kids The Ten Commandments is so that they can realize they can't keep it and they need to save and we need to be found righteous before God because we are unrighteous and in order to be found righteous before God we need righteousness but we can't be righteous on our own we need someone else is righteousness we need someone to pay the price for our sins to Die the death that we deserve so that we can be forgiven but also we need righteousness and this is the reality of the cross
 Jesus comes dies for the sins of his people we give our sin to Jesus Jesus gives his righteousness to us through faith that this is the gospel that's a bad news good news gospel the bad news is that if you don't repent and Trust in Christ for his righteousness you will be guilty and you will spend eternity in hell because you've sinned against an eternal God that's the bad news it should make everybody that he was that message tremble the reality is it that we have shifted that gospel message to this Jesus loves you and everything about you Jesus wants to be in your life message and it's a repentance free gospel that has left many people in the church with false hope you know I think it was Doctor Steve Lawson said the only thing worse than not having the Assurance of Salvation it's having the false Assurance of Salvation and sadly here in the United States in the west we have so many individuals in the church that have came to the church but never came to Christ
 and they are falsely assured in their salvation so we have this problem that only 10% of Christians are sharing the gospel how do we activate the 90% how do we activate the 90% the more than that what are the three reasons why Christians are not sharing the gospel what's the problem what's in the way and there's three primary reason that we've done our research the first one is people's fear of rejection We Fear the rejection of somebody when we preach the bad news. So if you want to tell them that their senators and their sin is going to send them to Hell unless they repent of their sins and go to trust in Jesus Christ that message can be intimidating for people to deliver especially if your introverted especially if your tinted we know that God doesn't give us a spirit of fear but of power love and a sound mind and so we have to remember that the fear of rejection while it is a primary reason for not sharing the gospel.
 Nan is actually send we need to trust God and his sovereignty in our lives but that's the number one reason the second reason is that people doubt their ability to eloquently presented the gospel and I'm not going to say just eloquently bit accurately because we live in a church era where so many Christians have not actually heard expository preaching verse by verse a year after year decade after decade building up sound Doctrine and they're not able to communicate the mechanics of the Gospel we have to understand that a gospel explanation really is a byproduct of sound Doctrine when you understand your theological Basics and your doctrinal Basics you can explain the gospel regardless of the questions of the defenses that come at you and so we need to be able to strengthen individual biblical and Theological literacy what you get is the mission of what we do here either. Or if you want to strengthen your understanding of scripture of God of the Gospel of the cross
 and the third reason people don't share the gospel is because they're worried about the apologetic questions that come after a discussion of the Gospel as a result and this is understandable why are they prepared for the discussions about moral relativism or Evolution or the dinosaurs or whatever it maybe you'll are all three of those things on top of each other and you got a pretty big or I should say a pretty thick wall to get through on why Christians are not sharing the gospel so this is a problem we need to overcome and now as an entrepreneur you guys know if you if you don't know before I was in Ministry I spent like 15 years as an entrepreneur building up businesses and entrepreneur self problems not every problem is worth solving are the best problems to solve the problems that are Urgent required and painful and the Great Commission is urgent it's required and firm
 Christian's it can be painful and so we wanted to solve that urgent required and painful problem and so we wanted to create a way for any Christian to share the gospel with anyone anywhere if we did this by producing a couple things number one is that we produced Samba theologically accurate board presentations of the Gospel now again when you think about a gospel tract most gospel tracts are either really ugly or they're they're not palatable or accessible a lot of them are either Doom and Gloom on one side or there Jesus loves everything about you and the other side so we wanted to create a beautiful clear concise theologically accurate faithful bold presentation of the gospel song we wrote These gospel tracts other like little booklets and they can be read and just a short. Of time between about 8 to 15 minutes depending on how fast an individual reads and we we wrote these things
 with a handful of individuals all of them are seminarians we have a theological Advisory Board who Out reviews this on our border several men that have their PHD and in theology or Systematic Theology and have reviewed these things we look at these tracks to make sure that they are a faithful accurate presentation of the Gospel there also positioned in a way of a sermon we learned historically that most people come to Christ the Rock Church History preaching is essential and so we wanted to really make these little booklet tracked like sermon being preached and so does the first thing we did is we created these theologically accurate track the second thing that we did is we made them beautiful most tracks are designed to be thrown away because you give them away we made these tracks so that they're absolutely beautiful if you're watching this on the video you can see it here on this episode on the old one up right now here's one of the tracks right here
 a message of Joy the gospel message of Joy this one is a gospel the message of Hope and then you can see this one this is our primary gospel tract and this is a gospel a message of love and if you're wondering what the difference between these three tracks is really it's they're the same core gospel message and the message of love is our primary tract but we have two other ones the message join the message of hope these are tailored to specific circumstances now these are for people maybe the message of hope is for someone that may be struggling with depression or anxiety and we wrote it introduction in a conclusion that really meet people at where they're at in that specific issue the gospel message of joy is for people that might be going through a tragic moment difficult trials chronic illness grave diagnosis someone just died in this again meet somebody in the midst of those difficult trial so we have these circumstantially relevant presentations of the Gospel that are absolutely beautiful they fit in your hand YouTube
 I want to throw them away there at what we call a erotic cover with even a gold boiling on the cover I mean these things are absolutely beautiful their little booklets and they're worth checking out the third thing that really changed the game that we did with these tracks is that we made them nailable we will mail them for you to anybody you want and so that's why we created male the gospel. Org essentially you can go there and you can enter the information for your information you can choose which track you would like to send and then you can enter the recipients information and you can you can put anybody you like in there which means you need to go get their address where you can actually send this personalized then you can write them a note you could also send it anonymously which we found about 50% of people so far have been sending them anonymously we do encourage you guys to
 send it personalized if you can because we want you to nurture that appetite for Evangelistic Outreach we know that there are those circumstances in which you may be will benefit from senden anonymously maybe there is some relational turmoil there whatever it may be but we do want to encourage you guys to personalize it if you guys can do the things that you can include either a Gospel of John for a couple bucks and holding up here in the video again you can see this Gospel of John you can include you could also include a full ESV Thinline Bible and this is a beautiful Bible and we can do this for about 10 bucks I'm not sure if that's going to stay that cheap but wow come on you can't buy Bible this nice or 10 bucks anywhere and so we include that there and then when you when you mail this off you just pay for shipping and we will mail the gospel for you or anyone or to anyone anywhere until we are currently just launching we're launching with the United States we will be opening up international shipping if you want
 to buy some of these tracks just so that you can keep them in your car keep them in your in your backpack you can absolutely do so I keep these tracks in my car I go and try to get my haircut from different Barbers at once a month so that I can do just share the gospel with my Barbara I'm stuck in the chair they're stuck with me I give him a gospel presentation and if I can't finish I want to give him one of these tracks until I had a nice truck you can buy those as well pretty soon you'll be able to buy week out track packs right now depending on when you're listening to this you will only be able to get track packs if you actually mail the gospel to someone at checkout you can add a packet and her pack of 25 or pack of 50 that you can keep again in your car I we don't make any profit off this for a non-profit all of the money from these tracks go back into the ministry to provide the the salaries are it for individuals that are packing tracks or doing the web development or or running this you buy more tracks it whatever
 maybe Pine shipping supplies so this is a 100% all the profits back into what we're doing it so we would love your help there another thing I wanted to show you for watching the video look at the packaging we get to this is what these individuals receive it they're gospel tract in it's a beautiful package it says on the outside someone loves you there's no reason Somebody's Knocking to open that that package we want you guys to check out mail the gospel. Org if you also want you to just support us financially we do need help buying more gospel tract we put about $30,000 into buying our first round of tracks it's a we need your donations for those of you that are faithful and interested in supporting us that way we would love to have you or your faithful a support that way as well this is a really awesome research and we want to encourage you guys because again we don't want to replace evangelism this isn't meaning that you shouldn't stop evangelizing when you have an opportunity to do so you need to do that
 but we need to be prepared to do that so we want to First you can overcome the fear of man we want to understand theological Doctrine and we want to be ready for some of those common questions that are going to come at us in in the defense of the Gospel 1st Peter 3:15 is always be ready to give a defense for the hope that is in you that were called to be ready in season and out of season to give the defense for the gospel to give a defense for the whole pride in the hope in us is Christ Jesus so we need to be ready I don't care if you have a stay-at-home mom or for the electrician or if you're the pastor you need to be ready to answer those questions about the gospel when someone sees that in your life I'm also by the promptings of the spirit now I understand that not every individual is an evangelist like myself but every individual has the duty and opportunity and responsibility to fulfill the gospel Ministry we are all ministers at some degree and whenever the spirits prompting us to pray
 the gospel proclaim the gospel Harold the gospel song where we need to be willing to do that so again you can always do that at mail the gospel. Or gets a resource it's a tool for you guys we hope to see you guys use that on a regular basis maybe 5-10 times a year go get your addresses figure out what you're going to say and get ready to mail the gospel again check out the website I mailed the gospel. Org next episode for going to get back into our discussion about Romans Chapter 2 verses 1 through 5 so stay tuned for that thank you for listening this episode of real Christianity I hope this was an edifying episode for your walk with Christ I hope that this resource that we created is a great resource for your walk with Christ if you haven't subscribe to our channel here on YouTube please do that or are podcast if you're not a subscriber you're just listening to this episode we would love to have you subscribe for every week dropping biblical truths lastly would you just prayerfully consider support
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