Why Christians Should Leave the Public School System
welcome to real Christianity a weekly show designed to help Christians know their Bible defend their faith and truly understand what it means to follow Jesus the premise is simple the culture is getting louder the church is getting flash ear but few pastors are teaching on how to live a Biblical life my name is Dale Partridge along with my incredible wife Veronica join us as we start an important conversation about what it really means to be a Christian
 welcome the real Christianity today we are talking about the biblical perspective on homeschooling and the public school system guys this is an important conversation and you would think that Veronica would be here with me today but she's not we've had a couple hiccups on some scheduling stuff and that's okay because you know what I'm actually the one that really initiated the homeschooling direction for our family she is all on board on that but I really do think that it's the dad's responsibility to direct and lead the family in terms of the education Direction and so men pay attention this isn't a woman's episode this is both of men and woman's episode and if you're not married or you don't have kids still I think this episode is going to be fruitful for you today Veronica will be joining us for the next several episodes
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 of the classical education model and then the kids and her meet up with all the other kids and the other moms once per week in town to learn the following week's lesson and so I think it's cool because it gives Arya the sense of a classroom because they do like a one-day in the classroom with each other and they going to celebrate you know holidays and have friends from school and you know all at the same time while Mom still is the teacher and actually the person that's teaching the class is actually called a tutor and their tutor in the mom and the kids get to share their projects in the give speeches in front of the class and it's really awesome so we really appreciate classical conversations you probably have one in your area if you're looking for that it's kind of like you get to homeschool without being alone and so I really appreciate their model now the two important things to know before we get started first I was raised in the public school for my entire education
 I am preaching today from conviction not from loyal to your personal experience to the to the public school system or anything like that second I do not believe the Bible directly condemns public school or a firm's homeschooling but really instead offers us a variety of scripture to help us form a wise decision around how our children are to be educated
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 and so let's just talk first about public school now over the years I should take Christians in the public school the most common reasons I've heard Christians used to support their decision for enrolling their young children in public school is really three of them and I'm going to I'm going to kind of recite them to you the first one is they will be a light to their non-Christian friends number two is we have to teach our children to be in the world not of the world and every three is we can't keep them in a bubble forever they need to develop real-world people skills so am I experienced the most common reasons or scripture that these Christian parents offered to support their decisions are like this is the doctor they're using to support those three reasons it's Matthew 5:16 it says let your light shine before men Matthew 5:13 says you are the salt of the earth
 John 15-19 be in the world not of the world these are the the the doctrines of the scriptures that they're kind of at the foundation of these reasons and I believe most parents get mixed up you know and they forget that these instructions were not instructions written two children but their written two adults and if you read the scriptures you know that Jesus nor any of the Apostles sent young children out to evangelize or two disciple or to be missionaries or to be Iron sharpening iron in another child's life doesn't mean however that your child can't share the gospel and some do but there's a difference between a child sharing the gospel within the safety of their private life and a child being sent on Mission at seven years old into a hostile cultural environment to be a light to those around them
 now but let me remind you what Jesus says regarding the leadership of children and this is an important verse I want you to pay attention here it's Matthew 18-6 and he says but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to stumble it would be better for him to have a millstone wrapped around his neck and he be drowned in the sea now when Jesus has little ones I don't think you specifically and solely talking about children but to all who are young in their face which is for sure the posture at every young child I mean essentially the warning is to not purposefully choose to put those who are underdeveloped in their face in a place of hostility Temptation moral confusion or worldly seduction at I would say that Jesus has pain be super careful that you don't
 falter one of these little ones because if you do it's better that you just drowned in the sea or die right now then the the punishment and pain that you're going to experience when you stand before me
 Jesus really cares about his little lambs and if we lead them astray under false think I think even as a Believer it you're still going to stand before the Lord give account for everything you did even if you actually get saved and terms you're safe you're still going to answer for these bad decisions and so you don't having said that and really with reviewing the General State of our Public School System a system which teaches anti-biblical sexuality false scientific teachings about creation in biology emotional morality and really an overall philosophy designed to work against the values and positions of the Christian family the scripture in Matthew with Jesus talking should at the very least cause Christian parents to re-examine their thinking and if you're still on the fence I'm going to put it another way for you and give you kind of an illustration here I want you to imagine a family who is this
 decidedly atheist and devotedly liberal in their politics can you just imagine his family and his family they support the opening interpretation of marriage the abortion of babies fluid view of gender there a proponent of evolution imagine that this family they work diligently to teach these values to their children by taking them to YouTube little protoss allowing them to watch documentaries and read books that support their beliefs now what do you believe the chances are of that family allowing their young and impressionable children to spend eight hours per day 5 days per week for 13 years being educated by decidedly Christian and devotedly conservative school at school that teaches children that evolution is false in creation is true a school that teaches the biblical model for marriage life gender and what you basically prepare
 taught them is actually a lie or false a school that has their students practice prayer watch documentaries and read books that support their Christian beliefs what are the chances of that atheist and politically liberal family allowing their children to attend that Christian and devotedly conservative School
 I'll give you the answer 0 the chances are zero so they're having said that why then would a decidedly Christian family with Biblical values choose to place their children and a decidedly atheist and devotedly liberal public school system like why would a Christian family choose to put their kids for 8 hours a day 5 days a week for 13 years and do an education system that opposes and teaches against the very Foundation of values of their Christian faith know when you look at it from this perspective it it it sounds almost silly right but that's what's occurring today millions of Christian families are choosing to place their children against Jesus is strong warning in scripture in the public school system
 now I do understand that some Christian families simply can't afford to home school or private school their children I also understand that not all schools and all teachers are immoral or unethical and there are still some upstanding faculties and decent public schools out there but these are the exceptions and they're not the not the main stream rule here and in speaking to the public school system really the whole especially America's Public School System it's not getting better it's not getting safer it's not getting Holier it just this year in California the state legislation unanimously approved public schools have a curriculum for teaching kindergarteners about gender identity and impersonal options within that idea and middle schoolers get to learn about masturbation oral sex anal sex
 Florida just this year a girl decided to walk into the boys locker room while the boys were fully undressed and the male teacher that was in there wasn't legally allowed to take any action at all and actually read the story on the new american.com website it and actually continues to say and I'm going to quote this it says school officials ordered the teacher to be in the boys locker room while the girl was changing and could have been showering obviously he refused saying he could not knowingly Place himself in a position where he would quote observe a minor female in the nude or otherwise in a state of undress and quote insane or places I'm still within the the the main insane or places
 grown men are arrested and jailed for trying to watch underage girls change or shower but in 2019 government schools in America they can be ordered to do it and quote okay guys this is a problem this is just I know this isn't just one example but that philosophy is bleeding in everywhere the article actually goes on to say another quote to the New York schools were caught giving children handouts on sex change surgery polyamory which is relationships that include multiple partners and what it means to be pansexual gender-confused teachers are now ordering their pupils to refer to them as gender-neutral pronouns such as mix mix rather than Miss and it is not just happening guys and liberal states either a conservative States
 actually falling to this philosophy every single month they're doing drag queen story hours and kindergartens all around the States they're doing training for junior high on how to terminate unwanted pregnancies you know Planned Parenthood the Plan B pill they're giving access to condoms and sexually instructive material on elementary and middle school campuses it's literally nuts and so parents don't be fooled Satan is Playing for Keeps when it comes to your children he wants the hearts and minds of the little ones he really does now we we have to remember that all education is discipleship okay just hear me I'm going to say it one more time
 we must remember that all education is discipleship and if you're sending your children to public school for 30 to 40 hours per week how do you expect out disciple that I did do you think that 60 Minutes of Sunday school and a few morning devotionals is going to compete
 hey Dale Partridge here if you don't know our mission on this podcast is to bring the church back to the Bible and basically we want to make sure that you're experiencing biblical Christianity and not the cultures counterfeit and sadly the western church is filled with Christians who accepted Christ without really understanding what that means and the modern Church hasn't done the best job in helping Believers understand the deeper doctrines of the Bible for that reason I really short and fold book called real Christianity the subtitle it's got to be bold for Christ in a culture of Darkness the question is book answers is what does it really mean to be a Christian according to scripture No guys this is an easy 75-minute read that aims to lay down to theological building blocks of the Christian faith and for those who want more I created a printed companion study guide as well and you could buy both in our store at shop. Relearn church.org
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 there's a really fascinating quote by atheist and communist Vladimir Lenin he wants said quote give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted and quote and you know actually the Bible backs up his claim in Proverbs 22:6 it says train up a child in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it and see if you can train your children
 or the culture can train your children but one thing is for sure do not expect your child to depart from the things that they were taught you know whether they're true or whether they're not true and whether their moral or whether their immoral a cake is outside of a very real Encounter With Jesus in terms of a rebirth
 God designed the human brain to lock in the lessons of Early Childhood actually heard it explained that you between the ages of one and three children are like wet clay are between the ages of four and seven they are multiple clay
 8 to 12 they are beginning to be difficult to shape and age 13 to 18 they're generally shaped already and only very small adjustments can be made and most the time by sanding or shaving off The Unwanted portions and so the development of who they are what they believe is taking place very young by the time they're 10 the majority of that already in place
 you know again people if your if your child is currently in public school
 I just want you to hear me when I say this I'm not condemning you you might feel convicted by the truth that's being said today but that's separate from what I'm doing I'm simply presenting a Biblical perspective on the matter for you to consider and we all have to determine how to navigate the life and family that God has laid out before us and I also understand that there are always unique circumstances and special exceptions for some families there single parents I get that but you know
 we have to be careful one is because we love to believe that were the exception we love to make ourselves feel special like a I got a unique situation you know so I'm going to ask you a question I want you to ask yourself if your child in public school even if you think it's like okay is it really worth it
 it is the potential loss of your child's spiritual footing really worth it is is losing your child to the culture really worth it is risking your child's eternal security really worth it and you know his parents sometimes it requires us to just literally move Heaven and Earth to Shield our children's Hearts sometimes it requires us working nights and weekends or quitting a job or moving across the country you know finding a new place to call home
 all of this to just withstand the enemy's efforts to the store and provide our families Nepal tells us in the book of Galatians 6:9 it says let us not grow weary while doing good for in due season we will reap if we do not lose heart
 and so Christian parents raising Godly children is fulfilling the Great Commission in your home
 okay it's it's the work I would say of the utmost importance it is absolutely saintly work raising these children and teaching these children it holy work its Eternal work and so I want you to get before the Lord and talk about it with him ask him what you should do be open to his response and While Veronica is not here she did tell me to say something she said to remind you guys that the homeschooling can be intimidating
 but if God made you a mother he also equipped you with everything you need to be that child's teacher and you're going to need to learn and grow but you are qualified to do so and we also think that you know public school is the same as homeschooling Veronica does homeschooling 2 hours a day with the little ones and so you don't have to like think that oh my God. How am I going to pull like a six-hour curriculum 5 days a week Veronica those two hours a day and that's enough and I think kids get older I'm sure that will change but you can see he's in it so don't be overwhelmed by that there's also some fantastic classical education private schools Christian schools that are options to buttholes going to actually quite affordable some curriculum to pay for way cheaper than private school something for you to consider and it pray over guys
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