A Prayer for a Fresh New Start
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 thank you for listening to your daily prayer a podcast dedicated to helping you find the word you need to connect with your father in Heaven no matter what is going on in your life today you can trust that God wants to hear from you right after this short word from our sponsor we will pray through today's prayer together
 hey there it's kind of a cool your Hostess therapy in theology a weekly podcast that explores popular Topics in questions related to face feelings and spiritual formation prescribe it lights audio.com a prayer for a fresh new start written and read by Megan Evans
 Lamentations 3:22 and 23 from the New Living Translation says the faithful love of the Lord never ends his mercies never cease great is his faithfulness his mercies begin afresh each morning
 my least favorite chore is dusting yet Strangely I find it to be one of the most rewarding cast the housekeeping there is nothing like watching a trail of shine and merge at my cleaning Rod cut through layers of death the grime is wiped away in my sails and countertops can breathe once again and so can I like our homes are heart can build up layers of neglect as well when we ignore our heart our spirit begins to feel weary and burdened are you longing for renewal is there an area of your life that needs a breath of fresh air a fresh new start praise be to God in place of our own Labour and striving we need only to Bow our hearts today
 daily tasks jobs and rolls can regularly leave us feeling depleted and run down in addition our stubborn human heart softened deter us from dealing with them on Blake and emotion decides that we are finite beings and simply run out of our own meager supply of goodness left to ourselves we're going to fall short every single time it is in these moments that we need a fresh new start and this renewal is found in Christ alone as dust cleans to cloth we two can hold tightly to God's promises Lord help me to trust you daily
 God does not give up on us in his mercies begin afresh each morning what does this mean it means that God's love is steadfast and gracious it means that when we repent he always forgets we see this in 1st John 1:9 when we pray he always hears and answers us according to his perfect will we see this and 1st John 5-14 when we cry out he promises to be our refuge and strength we see this in Psalm 46:1 and his piece Comforts us in our troubles we see this in 2nd Corinthians 13 God's mercies never cease and neither does his love unceasing love and be hard to grasp in a world where humans break promises and break hearts in contrast God's love is a perfect faithful love that is in movable and unending we can count on God to forgive us and take care of us and
 Lopez not because we deserve it but because he loves us we experience Mercy not because of who we are but because of who God is thank you Lord
 Lamentations is thought to be written by Jeremiah as he reflected upon the Babylonian exile the Israelites blew it big-time over and over again yet God still love them and kept his promise of Salvation and Redemption over and over God gave them a fresh new start they didn't deserve it and neither do we get every day hour and moment when you can experience God's faithfulness don't let weariness build-up ask God to fill you with a fresh new life right then and there help me Lord
 are you called to respond to a difficult client today ask God for his kindness As a caretaker are you struggling to meet in Le Snead's ask God for his compassion are you fighting an illness ask God for his strength the list goes on and on we need the infinite measure of God's might and power at work in us every single day and he promises to give this in abundance let's pray father God thank you for your love and mercy fill me with your Holy Spirit and help me walk as your son Jesus did while I'm here on this Earth I want to show love and kindness I want to be patient and gentle I want to forgive and help others I want to live obedient to you yet how quickly I reached the end of my own Supply
 forgive me and leave me into a fresh new start today you alone know the needs of my heart and where I'm struggling your mercies are steadfast and so I Surrender every hurt conflict and struggle today cleanse and renew my heart today moment-by-moment fill me with fresh new strength to add and respond in ways that are pleasing to you equip me to go forth and carry out the tasks can you set Before Me with Your Grace and your strength in Jesus name amen your daily prayer is a production of Life audio and Salem media if you liked what you heard today please take a second to rate and review this podcast in your favorite podcast. So that more listeners like you can find the show
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