A Prayer to Never Give Up
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 right after the short word from our sponsor will pray to today's prayer together
 prayer to never give up by Meg Bucher read by Liam Martin
 that is why we never give up though our bodies are dying our Spirits are being renewed every day for our present troubles are small and won't last very long if they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever so we don't look at the troubles we can see now rather we fix our Gaze on things that cannot be seen for the things we see now will soon be going but the things we cannot see will last forever
 2nd Corinthians 4:16 through 18
 today I'm writing this piece marks 1 year since my daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a lifelong autoimmune disease and an instant our lives changed all the freedoms which existed before her condition vanished before we could properly say goodbye it's unfair that her pancreas quit on her there was nothing she could do it's a condition was born with and lies dormant until triggered
 what Paul said to the Corinthian Church never give up the pulled our family through this last year
 in life we promised to go through hard things but nothing prepares us for the hard things the Lord knows are rolling down the pipeline he however goes before us when our lives are flipped upside down he's not surprised shaken or unaware he's prepared and he picks us up and Carries us through those seasons
 many days it felt exactly like all the memes I jokingly send to my friends laughing and crying at the same time we tell ourselves this truth God himself has prepared us for this as a guarantee he's giving us his holy spirit 2nd Corinthians 5:5 God went to Great Lengths to make sure we were never alone not only did he surround us with other human beings to do life with he also gave us his holy spirit through Christ to empower us to live life on a completely accelerated level beyond what we're humanly capable of
 we're not alone in this life not my daughter with her disease our family picking up pieces and building new patterns of life not any of us we all face hard things in life even if they don't have a title or diagnosis life is hard but is my late father-in-law was so faithful to remind us life is good
 it's both it's hard and it's good
 and when the hard times threatened to eclipse the good running right alongside them clean to truth like these verses from Paul today Paul told them to fix their eyes on things they could not yet see his those are the things that will last forever Jesus said in his most famous sermon blessed are those who have not yet seen but believe
 thank the queen song Bella's Don't Stop Believing yes I went there whatever it takes remember our bodies are dying but our Spirits are being renewed every day trouble is temporary the glory of Eternity with Jesus is forever
 let's pray
 father today I pray for everyone who feels lost and alone to the person who feels broken Beyond repair
 for your son or daughter and during an unfair diagnosis to the ones facing hardship homelessness and War for the hungry bellies Around The World God for those who don't know who you are father I plead their case in prayer today that you would meet them with the truth of these versus you so eloquently inspired Paul to write
 but these truths sink down into the very core of who we are your children your precious creation glory to you and you alone God in Jesus name amen
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