Don’t play favorites (Proverbs 24:23-26)
hello my friends welcome back to the morning mindset I hope you're ready to get your mind out of line with the truth of God's word this morning podcast is something that I just never imagined would have the infected us but it makes sense to me when I remember that every one of us needs the opportunity and sometimes you know the prompting to kick in the seat of my pants from someone else to get our minds aligned with the truth of God and that's how I hope I'm serving you hear the morning mindset today we're going to be talking about the damage and the difficulty that comes from playing favorites so I want you to stick around for that but first I want to remind you I have a Blog that goes on on my website Carrie green.com where I polish writings of various sorts that you can check out if you're interested in being a reader of things that I have to say I was have some books there on the website that might be of help to you so please check it out that carry Green Dot Com okay today we're looking at Proverbs 20
 verses 23 through 26 Solomon is writing these sayings of the wise as it's called you'll see that here in verse 23 to give us advice about the way we handle certain circumstances in their lives in today it's about playing favorites let's look at verse 23 says these also are sayings of the wise partiality in judging is not good whoever says to the wicked you are in the right will be cursed by peoples and abhorred by Nations but those who rebukes the wicked will have to light and a good blessing will come upon them
 whoever gives an honest answer kisses the lips
 if we remember Solomon is giving advice to his son and the Assumption could safely be that his son would one day be king and so this sort of advice about judging the wicked properly is good advice for one king to be passing on to another but this applies to our lives as well because we have opportunities every day our lives to play favorites are to show favoritism or partiality towards someone don't lie parents have the opportunity with children
 employers are managers have the opportunity to show favoritism toward certain employees are workers over others and saw man is telling us the damage and the wrong that is happening when that sort of thing occurs you see he says partiality in judging is not good so another words when you see the facts of a matter layout before you and you choose to judge in a certain person's favor because maybe they're your friend or your son or daughter when it's clear that they are the one who's in the wrong
 you think that is not good that brings about bitterness in a sense of resentment in the hearts of people who see the partiality inference we have to be very careful about this because there's an issue of our heart motives involved here is in there and we sometimes don't carefully examine our motivation in the decisions that we make and we are being partial to one person over another it's especially terrible when it's between their own children for some reason we have a favorite among our kids
 friends I would encourage you to take a look at your parents and take a look at your attitude toward your own children sometimes we can demonstrate and inappropriate partiality toward one of our children simply because they're not wired like we are we tend to not see things the way they do we tend to not understand why they do the things they do and how they operate just mentally and emotionally and so we tend to be harder on them we tend to be rough on them because they're not like us the friends that we need to work hard to train up a child in the way they should go see is their unique designed by the creator of the universe is to be used for his glory and we need to do our best experience to understand how they're wired so that we can guide them in that way and see friends this thing about playing favorites goes very deep and it kind of has
 fingers that reach out into all different areas of our lives so my prayer for you and my prayer for myself is it we will be Discerning will be filled with the wisdom of God and it will be able to not show favoritism so that we're able to keep that bitterness and resentment and animosity from happening among those who we are making the judgements over to Jesus give us your inside in your wisdom and knowing how to make right judgments so that we do not show partiality in our judging enable us to Bear up under the Injustice of favoritism when we are the victims of it and Lord enables to live lives us such integrity and such character that those who are showing the partiality are convicted of the wrong and guided by your spirit to turn away because of what they see in our lives Lord Jesus we ask you to do this in
 and threw us for your name sake and For Your Glory in men