Praying God's Promises
do you ever wonder if God's listening to your prayers maybe you feel like you've done something so bad that he is finally going to give up on you like he's done you're wondering if got even cares about the little details of your life or the things that you're struggling with the friends you are not alone
my name is Ashley 222 and I'm the host of the prayers of Wrath podcast and like you I have felt all these years anymore that's why I am excited for the new season on the Plaza breath podcast we're going to spend 10 weeks praying through God's promises that if you've been around for a little while you might remember that in the spring here in 2022 we had a 5-day prayer dare he spent five days praying the promises of God and I didn't quite know what to expect rain for maybe hoping a thousand people with come together and I just blew me away the spirit works and such a powerful way over two thousand people I think it was over 2,400 people from around the world gathered together to pray God's promises this past spring and it was just running
 rideable time of reminding ourselves of God's truth of confronting the fear and allies that we were believing and in living or lives in fear and looking to see what is God's word say about that does he have a promise that we can claim to can we renew our mind with scripture as we pray these promises of God in front of it was I feel like I keep using the word incredible it really was hard to believe and yet we were seeing it how God it was causing transformation in our hearts in our minds and in the ways that we were able to that our sight on Jesus and and cling to his promise and rest in his presence it was such a sweet time
 and as we wrapped up at 5 Day Parade are I just knew we had to bring it here to deposit test I'm in so that is why this fall we are praying through the promises of God are some of the prayers that you will hear over the coming weeks were recorded during those liveprayer there caused some of them were recorded over the summer but some of the content if you were part of that. There might be familiar I found it helpful even as I was listening and editing and going through it again it doesn't get a hold of anything I feel like we could have these promises of God these prayer the breast on repeat just washing over at reminding us at the truth of God's word and I'm replacing lies and fears with a reminder of his promises and who he is so if you join us for the parade are about half of the promises will be from
 you to you half of them are brand new and yet even so I think old head of them are applicable to our lives today and I'm so excited to hear what God will do you in our lives this fall as we continue to rest in the promises of God and so I invite you to join me here for this brand new season as we pray together if you are new here welcome I'm so glad that you will be joining us at these episodes will be 10 minutes long and we'll pray through a verse of scripture we're going to recite God goodness we're going to express our neediness will seek his Stillness and then we'll trust his faithfulness and don't worry you don't have to remember that guide you through the rest prayer acronym and I'll give you time to share your own heartfelt prayers with God
 so if you are tired of the hustle and the busyness of life I sure hope you're going to join me this far as we slow down and hear God's voice as we rest in the promises of God and one more thing I would love for you to invite two or three friends to pray through these promises of God to go to encourage one another as you see how God is Renewing Your Mind with his truth hope you are resting in his presence as he is bringing things to the four friends that you are to release him we learn how to pray not by sitting in church or listening to a stream in a reading a book we learn to Pray by praying together and there is power I believe it when God's people gather together to bring there is power in praying together
 so as we prepared to start this brand new season of the prayers of rest podcast I just want you right now to think of ask God to bring two minds two or three friends and then texting invite them to join you and praying God's promises together this fall
 all right and I am eager and expectant to see how God's spirit will work make sure you are subscribed and I will see you next week until we meet again may you find a rest in God's loving presence