The Power of the Gospel to Change Hearts(Rom 4-6)
welcome to a year in the Bible with daily grace the Bible tells one big story of redemption and we want to spend five minutes everyday journeying Through the Bible from start to finish and exploring how all of it points to Jesus
 hey everybody welcome back to a year the Bible with daily grace my name is Crystal and today we will be discussing the book of Romans chapters four through six as we get into chapter 4 we see that Paul continues to develop the theme of justification that he introduced in yesterday's reading and he does so by discussing Abraham remember that justification means a right standing before a holy God in Christ we have been credited his righteousness and therefore we are Justified Paul tells us that Abraham is credited as a righteous not because of his works but because he believed God Abraham believed and trusted that God would be faithful to his promises not only that Abraham received circumcision after the fact as a sign of his face
 remember Paul said in Chapter 2 that their circumcision would amount to nothing if they walked and Disobedience to the law so this further says argument that it changed her points of the power of the Gospel just as Abraham is justified by his face the same as for us today who Trust In Christ Alone for our Salvation chapter 5 transitions into a section of Romans that now reminds us as Believers what we have as a result of our justification Paul starts with an overview of all the he is mentioned this far therefore since we have been justified by faith and then he begins to reveal its benefits we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ we have been given so much as the recipient of God's grace even when we couldn't help ourselves Jesus died to reconcile us to himself now we have access to our Heavenly Father what a gift
 starting in first 12 we see Paul describe Adam the first man as a type of Christ biblical typology is when you see people places or event that the Old Testament that anticipates what would occur in the New Testament So Adam is considered a type of Christ as the firstborn of all creation but Jesus did what Adam was unable to do while Adam brought death into the world through his sin Jesus brought eternal life through his substitutionary death on the cross send brings condemnation but Christ provide justification Roman 6 expands on the benefits we receive through the gift of Salvation by answering some more rhetorical questions as followers of Christ we are not entertained since so that Grace May abound we are to put to death our old stuff so that we can live our new life in Christ we are no longer under the law of sin but now
 under the law of Grace Paul contrast two different ideas being slaves to sin and being slaves to God being enslaved to someone or something means that you must give yourself up to it so who is the reigning Authority in your life who has the loudest voice in the deepest part of your soul is it the Allure of sin or is it the love of your father how often do we turn to her old ways we may be tempted to go to Old sinful patterns out of habit or Comfort the praise be to God that in Christ we have been set free from sin Jesus died so we could live and we have been given the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our lord let us live out Colossians 3 9 through 10 by putting off her old self and putting on the new that we can display the gospel
 as we walk in obedience to his word thanks so much for joining us today be sure to follow along an Instagram at Daily Grace podcast and at the daily grace go and check out our website the daily crisco.com for all kinds of resources to help you dive deeper into God's word thanks again and we look forward to discussing chapter 7 through 9 tomorrow