God Promises Jesus Will Return Soon and Make Everything Right!
I don't know what it is about sunsets but every time I see a beautiful sunset it reminds me of this promise of a glorious day that Jesus will finally return
 and a new Heaven and a new Earth will begin and we will finally see him face-to-face what a beautiful promise what a sweet reunions that will be
 you're listening to the prayers of rest podcast and I'm your host a cherita to chew the season we have been praying through the promises of God and today specifically I invite you to join me to pray through God's promise that Jesus will return soon to those of us who belong to Jesus for those of us who have spent our lives preparing to see him who have been reading scripture and getting to know him that then spending time resting in his living presence that is one of the most glorious promises that we find in Scripture that our hope is not in vain that the day is coming when we will indeed see Jesus face-to-face
 so let's take a deep breath and I invite you to quiet your heart as we become aware I've got two loving presence around us and within us as we arrest and his promise today
 today's passage comes from James 5:8
 you to be patient and stand firm because the Lord's coming is near
 let's begin by reciting God's goodness
 Play Jesus even as we think of the day of your return that we praise you that we don't have to wait with fear or trepidation that we don't have to double-check that we have everything ready and it is that it is you who prepare us for yourself it is your spirit who is working in Us in getting your church ready for the day that we see you so got to thank you for the promise that even though we've never seen you Jesus face-to-face our heart and know you well and God we Rejoice with inexpressible joy at the thought of seeing you soon
 thank you for your promise that you will unite us to yourself that you are coming for your bride and that we will be with you forever
 glorious day that will be
 to take a moment now to reflect on this promise on this guarantee that Jesus is coming and it's going to be a good good day
 let's continue Now by expressing our neediness
 God we confessed that
 anchor pattern is not usually top-of-mind it's so easy for us to get so distracted and consumed with the cares of this world with the social media and movies and dreams and bucket lists in the immediate future that's easy for us to worry about what we're going to eat and what we're going to drink and what we're going to wear and where we're going to go and like the foolish maidens in that Parable our lamp goes out we fall asleep while we forget we forget that we are a people
 try to be waiting expectation we forget the hope of the glory the day of Jesus when we finally see you face to face the God we ask that you would impress owner Soul a sense of expectation and excitement but Phyllis with urgency to Faithfully do the work that you have called us to do a fear of Troy statement out of out of the exuberance that you will keep your promise that you are not a God who delays that you are not forgetting your people but rather you don't desire anyone to perish
 to say you are waiting here waiting and we're waiting to
 oh God
 you said that comes to mind when you think of the day of Jesus return is it excitement is it fear the trepidation
 be honest with him he knows your heart he wants to hear what's on your mind
 now it's time to seek God Stillness but you spend time now with Jesus just be with him
 but his present guide you into what this time of Stillness can look like for you and even though we don't see him even though we can't touch him know that he is approachable you you can come to him because he's placed his own spirit inside of you as a guarantee that he's coming back as just relish the presents be still with him now and feel free to pause this episode if you need more time
finally let's trust God's faithfulness
 King Jesus if your return here the Earth was considered soon to thousand years ago how much more is it today
 if you're coming with me or then
 living in the last moments before your return now
 so God whether we live to see your return or if it's our children or grandchildren or their great-grandchildren that whenever it is we trust you we trust that you will keep your promise that Jesus will return soon and God we want to be found watching and waiting and working with eager expectation ready to welcome you with open arms
 what a day of rejoicing that will be when we finally see you are sweet and beloved Jesus
 we're waiting for you Lord Jesus come
 so as you end the time of prayer to clear your confident that God is faithful that Jesus is coming and you can rest in that promise you will see him face-to-face if you belong to him
 now to him who is able to keep you from stumbling
 and present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy to the only God our savior be glory and Majesty power and authority through Jesus Christ Our Lord the for all ages now and forevermore
you've been listening to the prayers of Wrath podcast which is a production of one thing alone Ministries hoping you enjoy Jesus Through creative Bible habits and in case you missed it the season of praying God promises is drawing to a close but by next week we'll have only prayed through 10 of these promises of a collection of its 31 Promises of God you can find all of them starting on page 377 of my book price of rest daily problems to slow down and hear God's voice if you don't yet have a copy you can buy one at your favorite bookstore or online at prayers arrest.com as we wrap up I just want to thank Angie and Robert Elkins for editing this episode and Kendra stands in for producing this time thank you mr. thank you for sharing this tie class with your friends thank you for joining me here week after week for prayers of rest until we meet again
 may you find rest in God's loving presents