An Advent Prayer for Faith (Isaiah 40:3)
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 Advent prayer for Faith by Emma Dancy Isaiah 40 verses 3 through 5 says a voice of one calling in the wilderness prepare the way for the Lord make straight in the desert a highway for our God every Valley shall be raised up every mountain and Hill made low the rough ground shall become level the rugged places a plain and the glory of the Lord will be revealed and all people will see it together for the mouth of the Lord has spoken
 as we pray through the second candle of faith for Advent season may we be reminded that we serve the gods who makes away and prepares our hearts Jesus is the way he is the one we are celebrating who came and fulfilled every Prophecy of the Old Testament he is the savior of the world let's pray
 are awaited savior thank you that this is a season of preparation and anticipation as we wait to celebrate Jesus's birth and we thank you that we live this side of the Cross where we already know that he came as we have read and Isaiah of your people still awaiting this promised one and gives us faith that you are the facilitator of all things you have a sovereign plan you are working in the weight you hear our prayers and you cheer for us thank you that your holy spirit is within those who believe in you today would you help us to lean into him and not our own sinful ways as we seek to live lives that honor you would you soften our hearts to the gospel in any ways in which we have become numb or hardened would you grow our faith in our prayers actions and lives
 help us to know that you are still doing new things today and give us spiritual eyes to see them and to be aware of how you are working give us a renewal of it and it this Christmas season ever Bible stories that we may have heard many times over help us to have a newfound joy to ponder the safe that we have in such a mighty God. He's closer to you in this season show us fresh angles of your Christmas story that launched the gospel
 we know that when we put our faith in you
 that we will not be put to shame you say in Romans 10 verses 9 through 11 if we declare with our mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that you raised him from the dead we will be saved for it is within her heart that we believe and are Justified and it is with our mouths that we profess our faith and our safe as scripture says anyone who believes in you will not be put to shame
 thank you that in our faith we are not put to shame but we are sealed and confident of the Salvation that we have which came first to the Jews and then to the Gentiles thank you that you are the god of the world over every nation thank you that your Pursuit and your Declaration of Love on the cross was not just for a few but for anyone who believes in you thank you that you care personally about us or please forgive us for our lack of faith in you please help us to remember that we are being molded into your image and this is a process remind us that we are not stuck in our sin or old habits but we are transformed and made new
 thank you it stays in you Means Everything Changes we are no longer slaves to sin but we are friends have caught we are no longer lost we are found and we are no longer held captive we are free we praise you for your final work on the cross we glorify your name thank you for preparing our hearts to remember what you have already done and to receive a new word in this time in our lives of what you want to do in and through us now speak to us we are listening
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