A Prayer for When Things Don't Go Your Way
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a prayer to the Restless married a cherita and today was supposed to be the launch of the prayers of rest Daily Devotional quick and as you can tell her my voice it's not the book will not be available today the way we had gotten planned more likely it's closer to the middle of may I say that to say there's an upside which is you have more time to pre-order the book and get it for the 40% discount I would love to call you to pray pray with me pray for me pray for the launch of this book I'm gathering together a pro team just for the next few weeks if you would like to be a part of that send me an email asheritah at one thing alone. Calm I'll write it out in the show notes for you and just let me know you'd like to join the prayer team for this book
 to be honest it's been to the pointing and that's why it's today I wanted us to take time to pray for when things don't go your way
 so as we begin take a deep breath and become aware of God's loving presence around you and within you
 today's passage comes from psalm 55:22 cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you he will never let the righteous be shaken
 let's begin by reciting God's goodness praising him for who he is and for what he has done in our lives
 precious father
 thank you that you are always close to us
 even when it seems like the world is upended even when the things we had plans don't go the way we think they should
 even when those things we worried about actually happen. You are the one who hears us
 you are near to us
 when we cry out to you you always answer us
 you're the one who never lets go you're the one whose plans are in shakeable your ways are higher than ours and that brings such Comfort right now when we don't know what's around the corner we don't know what's going to happen next and we might even feel like we're reeling from meeting to Pivot and change and adjust our plans to new realities but God you are our help you are the one who will never be shaken and when we stand with you these changes in our plans they don't have to shake us either
 in the next few moments as you think about your own plans that didn't go the way you expected them to whether today or last week or last month
 what is it about God that you can praise him for that you've learned about him through these difficult times
 take some time now to worship Him and recite God's goodness
let's continue Now by expressing her neediness
 Lloyd it's so tempting to think that we can control things that we can micromanage our way into a place where everything is the way we think it should be and the truth is bad things like this make us realize that we are not in control that we never were and control that it was always only an illusion
 so Lord we submit ourselves to you again
 did we bring even fresh worries to you all the jumbled thoughts all the what ifs all the ears of what's going to happen next and I ask that you would speak your piece over our thoughts that you would call more anxious heart that we would cast all over cares on you know and experience the perfect peace that passes all understanding
 so tell me the names on your heart with these plans that went awry and then be still with him
 as we continue to seek God Stillness imagine holding a specific worry in your hand
 visualize it see it feel the weight of that specific worry
 and plums down Lisa into the outstretched hands
 leave it with him and then turn your palms upward to receive what he wants to give you an exchange
 God wants to give you peace in your anxiousness
 he wants to give you generous provision in your financial woes wants to give you some staining life in your sickness
 repeat this Palms down Palms up prayer until you have no worries left to give and you've received all God has to give you
 then rest in God's loving present and feel free to pause this episode if you need more time
 finally let's trust God's faithfulness heavenly father is true great is your faithfulness
 morning by morning moment-by-moment you are the one who sees and hears and provides and there's no worry that escapes your notice nothing is outside of the realm of your power of your provision
 God you promised to keep us in perfect peace
 until I choose to rest in you today
 so as you end this time of prayer how can you actively trust God with your plans that fell apart what does it look like to choose peace and rest in Stillness
 instead of hustle and worry and busyness today
 no to him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy to the only God our savior be glory and Majesty power and authority through Jesus Christ Our Lord before all ages now and forevermore amen
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