About us?
What would happen if everyone in the world wanted to study the Bible?
As a global community, we are honored to pray for our own lives and the lives of millions of people around the world.
Imagine the amazing things He could do if you joined us in praying to the same faithful God with one accord.
We've dedicated our lives to making this generation the most Bible-reading people in history, and we warmly invite you to join God's family.
Reading the bible is a great mission, and each of us feels her love through God's word. Therefore, we are eager to share the Holy Bible with more people.
If you haven't used the Bible App to read the Bible, download it now and be a part of God's move. Whenever you use the Bible App to read, listen, meditate or share God's Word, you are participating in God's work in the world. As long as we work together and pray daily, we can see our visions come true in this life. God's words will lead us into God's world, enlighten our thoughts, and find strength, faith, wisdom and hope.
Reading the Bible is a way to approach God, come on, let us read the Bible together! ! !